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  • El gran diseño - Stephen Hawking & Leonard Mlodinow June 23, 2017
    Aun antes de aparecer, este libro ha venido precedido, en todos los medios de comunicación, de una extraordinaria polémica sobre  sus conclusiones: que tanto nuestro universo como los otros muchos universos posibles surgieron de la nada, porque su creación no requiere de la intervención de ningún Dios o ser sobrenatural, sino que todos los universos pro […]
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  • La tabla rasa - Steven Pinker June 23, 2017
    La concepción que podamos tener de la naturaleza humana afecta a todos los aspectos de nuestra vida, desde la forma en que educamos a nuestros hijos hasta las ideas políticas que defendemos. En La tabla rasa , Steven Pinker explora la idea de la naturaleza humana y sus aspectos éticos, emocionales y políticos. Demuestra que muchos intelectuales han negado su […]
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  • Ask the Brains, Part 1 - Scientific American Editors June 23, 2017
    Why do we do the things we do? The human brain is a marvelous, mysterious piece of evolution that on one hand empowers us to be rational, self-aware and innovative. On the other, the disciplines of psychiatry and psychology are a testament to our attempts to understand the human brain and behavior. Why do we persist in believing opinions despite scientific e […]
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  • Ágilmente - Estanislao Bachrach June 23, 2017
    Bachrach es Doctor en biología molecular y explica el funcionamiento del cerebro. A través de ello, da consejos y herramientas para ser más creativos y felices en el trabajo y en la vida. La neurociencia es clara: el cerebro aprende hasta el último día de vida. La creatividad puede expandirse. Tu mente, mediante la aplicación de las técnicas correctas, puede […]
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  • Réussir sa mort - Fabrice Hadjadj June 23, 2017
    Ce n'est pas nous qui réussissons notre mort, c'est elle qui ne nous rate pas. À nous toutefois de ne pas la rater non plus. Que signifie dès lors réussir sa mort ? Avec verve, humour, espièglerie, mais vérité et sincérité, Fabrice Hadjadj nous invite à passer du confort au combat, à choisir la vie alors même que nous mourons et que nous mourrons. […]
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  • Inteligencia emocional para niños. Guía práctica para padres y educadores - Mireia Golobardes Subirana & Sandra Celeiro González June 23, 2017
    ¿Cómo podemos enseñar a los más pequeños a gestionar sus emociones? ¿Cómo ayudar a nuestros hijos a mejorar en sus relaciones con los demás? ¿Cómo facilitar a nuestros alumnos su capacidad para identificar sus emociones y la de los demás y favorecer relaciones sanas y positivas, con empatía y respeto? ¿Cómo contribuir a que padres y profesores puedan también […]
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  • La teoría del todo - Stephen W. Hawking June 23, 2017
    Una manera clara y amena de acercarse a los misterios del universo. En esta esclarecedora obra, el gran físico británico Stephen Hawking nos ofrece una historia del universo, del big bang a los agujeros negros. En siete pasos, Hawking logra explicar la historia del universo, desde las primeras teorías del mundo griego y de la época medieval hasta las más com […]
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  • La física del futuro - Michio Kaku June 23, 2017
    Un recorrido asombroso a través de los próximos cien años de revolución científica. El futuro ya se está inventando en los laboratorios de los científicos más punteros de todo el mundo. Con toda probabilidad, en 2100 controlaremos los ordenadores a través de diminutos sensores cerebrales y podremos mover objetos con el poder de nuestras mentes, la inteligenc […]
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  • EnCambio - Estanislao Bachrach June 23, 2017
    EnCambio te va a permitir alumbrar los procesos por los cuales te comportás de determinada manera con el fin de dejar atrás aquellos hábitos y conductas que ya no te sirven. El objetivo es que aprendas del potencial que tiene tu cerebro para cambiar y la capacidad que tenés vos para modificarlo. Este año cambio de trabajo, empiezo el gimnasio, bajo esos kili […]
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  • Breve historia de mi vida - Stephen Hawking June 23, 2017
    La mente maravillosa de Stephen Hawking ha deslumbrado al mundo entero revelando los misterios del universo. Ahora, por primera vez, el cosmólogo más brillante de nuestra era explora, con una mirada reveladora, su propia vida y evolución intelectual. Breve historia de mi vida cuenta el sorprendente viaje de Stephen Hawking desde su niñez […]
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Mattias Wallander: Textile Recycling: (Don’t) Curb Your Enthusiasm

Textile recycling is becoming increasing popular, not just among green moms who are finding creative uses for old T-shirts and eco-conscious college students who are shopping at thrift stores, but also more and more with the municipalities that need to be focusing in on this important issue and have the ability to make a measurable impact on the amount of textiles going into landfills. With the EPA estimating that more than 85 percent of the over 13 million tons of textiles discarded in the U.S. annually ends up in the trash, we need to implement easy access to textile recycling. Obviously, discarded textiles are bad for the environment and clog up landfills but what is less understood is that they also damage city balance sheets. An urban area with a population of 50,000 annually pays for the handling and disposal of 3,000 tons of textiles. It looks like cities are finally taking note that recycling textiles doesn’t just cost them — but could actually help them earn too. Last month the town of Queen Creek, Arizona made headlines when they teamed up with a textile recycling company to expand their curbside recycling services to include the collection of items like towels, clothing, blankets, sheets and shoes — a first in the U.S. they say […]

Marcia G. Yerman: The Environment, the Election, Money and the Koch Brothers

The topic of the environment got a brief bit of play when Romney and Obama jousted about drilling on federal lands during the second debate. […]

Adrianna Quintero: Superstorm Sandy Reminds Us Why We Have to Care About Climate Change

Over the years I’ve written several blogs about the connection between extreme weather and climate change, so watching Sandy pummel the East Coast compelled me to revisit this issue once again. Watching the images of Sandy leaving a path of destruction brings back memories of the day after Hurricane Andrew hit my home in Miami back in 1992. The state of shock as my parents and I approached our storm ravaged home is still fresh in my memory even 20 years later as I see the faces of those who are experiencing the same today. My heart goes out to them. As a mother of two, I can’t help but think of the kids who just Sunday were obsessing over what candy they might collect on Halloween and whether or not their costume was just right, makes it even harder to watch. Yes, things will eventually return to normal for most but having lived it – I know it’s not a fast or easy road back to normalcy. Sandy truly lived up to its hype as a superstorm. Wind, water, flooding, even snow, has left one of our most densely populated areas paralyzed for days. […]

Mohsin Mohi-Ud Din: Sandy and What’s Missing Drom Public Discourse

Upon returning to the South Bronx after a summer working in the townships of South Africa with communities affected by HIV/AIDS, I had an epiphany: the ‘third world’ problems are actually in the backyard of the so-called developed world — the backyard of American cities and towns. As an American I had tricked myself into a convenient ignorance of the fact that what happens somewhere has little bearing on the direction of what happens in my country, America. As I look out my window after Hurricane Sandy today and see flooded NY streets, closures to Wall Street, flooded train tunnels, empty grocery stores, evacuated hospitals, and half of Manhattan in a blackout, I am reminded of my post-Africa/Bronx epiphany. The aerial image of a blacked-out North Korea and an electrified South Korea comes to mind when I see the darkness below 39th street in Manhattan or between Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan. Images of flooded villages in India or Thailand come to mind when seeing the flooded subway system and neighborhoods in downtown Manhattan and Hoboken, New Jersey. What we as Americans are so used to seeing on TV in some of the developing world is now blurred with our streets in America, increasingly so as we face the new normal of weather systems and climate change. Hurricane Sandy has claimed nearly 80 lives from the Caribbean through NY and NJ and will cost billions of dollars in infrastructure damages. While it is not possible to blame a phenomena such as Sandy on a single issue like climate change, it is plausible to reassess the pulse of our planet and the subsequent volatile weather systems that follow deteriorating planetary health. Climate change is a part of the puzzle. […]

Bernard David: Climate Change and Its Influence On Investing: A New Perspective

This post is adapted from remarks delivered at the Pacific Pension Institute 2007 Summer Roundtable, at the Empress Hotel in Victoria, British Columbia, July 25-27, 2007. Welcome and thank you for allowing me to share some of my views on climate change’s influence on investing: most particularly, the opportunities which I believe it creates for economic gain. How many of you take climate change into consideration in your investment decisions? My goal, today, is to convince you that climate change needs to be considered. And to show that investment decisions should be driven by science, and the basic needs of life. […]

Eli Lehrer: ‘Climate Silence’: It’s Just Common Sense

As any number of activists and journalists — nearly all of them on the Left — have noted, the two major party presidential candidates aren’t talking much about climate change. As someone on the Right who is concerned about climate change and its likely costs, I actually would have preferred more talk about the issue myself. But I also totally why the candidates didn’t talk about climate change: it isn’t a very important issue to the public now and probably won’t be in the near future. This isn’t a cause for inaction but, rather, a reason to simply be realistic about what is — and isn’t — going to be a high salience issue. […]

"I Apologize." Will We Hear These Words From Politicians and the Polluting Class?

That is the only sentiment I will accept from those in the political and corporate class of the United States right now who’ve said climate change is too expensive to deal with now. […]