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Fighting Illegal Logging With Numbers

Earlier this month, Congress did something it hasn’t done in years — pass a budget. Thankfully, now that funding levels have been set for 2014, members of Congress are already looking ahead to the budget for 2015 […]

Galápagos Park Rangers Protect Nesting Turtles, Mating Sea Lions

Co-authored by George Lewis They are like ninjas, dressed completely in black, spying and moving stealthily in the night to avoid detection. These are not military commandos, but rather a trio of Galápagos National Park rangers, backed up by an international group of volunteers, monitoring the nesting activities of green sea turtles. The 2014 nesting season runs from January until June and the group’s mission is to protect the eggs from predators. The sea turtles began breeding in December and the females are now heading for the beaches of Galápagos to lay their eggs. The scene is played out nightly at La Quinta Beach on Isabela Island, where the rangers have set up camp. This is outside the areas open to visitors and is the main Galápagos nesting area for the turtles, known to scientists as Chelonia mydas. The park also plans to set up a second monitoring camp on Las Bachas beach on Santa Cruz Island, another nesting area. […]

Transcending the Tension Between Climate Change and Inequality

This year’s gathering of the World Economic Forum at Davos was kicked off with the reading of a letter from Pope Francis, which ends: “I ask you to ensure that humanity is served by wealth and not ruled by it.” One can almost feel the squirming. I recently participated in a roundtable among leading thinkers, activists and social entrepreneurs on the need to put “system change,” not just problem-solving on the agenda in places like Davos. […]

The Miracle of Asha

In animal rescue, we’re always praying for miracles. Sometimes we get them, and when we do, we rejoice. All too often, we don’t. And then we grieve. But I’m beginning to think that even when we don’t get the miracles we hope for, we sometimes still receive reasons to rejoice… although we may not realize it at the time. Take the case of Asha. This petite pit bull terrier mix was rescued in 2011. […]

Putting Prosperity Within Reach

During the State of the Union speech, President Obama said, “Opportunity is who we are. And the defining project of our generation must be to restore that promise.” If our collective hope is for prosperity, one of the ways we can get there is by restoring the strength of the systems we rely on to get us back and forth to work, supply our power, keep us safe from floods when storms rage, and make sure we can communicate with each other. To put prosperity within our reach, we need a strong infrastructure to build upon. It all boils down to something the president said in the State of the Union: “…in today’s global economy, first-class jobs gravitate to first-class infrastructure.” Beneath sneaker soles and car treads, under the sidewalks and roads we travel every day, beneath manhole covers, overhead on a vast network of wires, and even under the kitchen sink, a vital network of systems maintains our quality of life. If we take clean drinking water, electric power at the flip of a switch, or heat in the winter for granted we’ll soon be left without them. […]

Compact pedal-powered generator lets you charge your gadgets (and burn calories) at your desk

Stick this little pedal-powered marvel under your desk, and charge your mobile devices by pedaling away while working. […]

Pittsburgh Police Dog Rocco Gets Send-Off Fit For A Hero (VIDEO)

View the original here –

Pittsburgh Police Dog Rocco Gets Send-Off Fit For A Hero (VIDEO)