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We Can Make a Difference for Our Planet After All: 10 Wildlife Conservation Success Stories from 2014

We cannot ignore the realities of habitat loss for wildlife, the extinction crisis, and the impact climate change has on nature; but equally as important, we should not forget the good news and the successes through conservation action. When we remember the successes, we find hope that gives us the strength and resolve to keep working. […]

Dust Devil At Rose Bowl Leaves Several Injured

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Dust Devil At Rose Bowl Leaves Several Injured

Cameraman Barely Escapes Lava Splatter (VIDEO)

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Cameraman Barely Escapes Lava Splatter (VIDEO)

The Top 25 Most Popular Marijuana Strains Of 2014

By Barry Bard Medical patients and recreational smokers reached the ;highest heights in 2014, as new genetics and potent strains continued to hit the market. But at the top of the strain food chain, the classics still ;held down the fort. With its high demand, high yield, and availability in every medical marijuana state, Blue Dream once […]

Will the New Year Bring More Wind, Less Warming?

Photo: American Wind Energy Association The closing year brought mounting evidence that global warming is real, happening now, and requires bold action. California endured its third year of devastating drought. Washington state was ravaged by wildfire. In August, severe floods submerged Detroit and much of the East Coast. The World Meteorological Organization predicted 2014 would turn out to be the hottest on record. […]

The Big Global Drug Policy Stories Of 2014

By Phillip Smith 2014 was a big year for drug reform, and for a change, the US is pulling things in the right direction. But it some places, it’s been business as usual, and in others, things have gone in the wrong direction. Here are our big international stories of the year. Marijuana Legalization Expands […]

Reversing Malaria And TB, Other Huge UN Goals Will Be Met In 2015


Reversing Malaria And TB, Other Huge UN Goals Will Be Met In 2015