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Innovative live-work hybrid hotel is ‘home’ & incubator for global nomads (Video)

Nomadic professionals get to work, socialize and feel at home in this rehabilitated office building in Amsterdam. […]

Let’s go camping! In tense times you need tents

They are the cheapest, lightest and probably greenest way to camp […]

Elon Musk gets "verbal approval" for east coast underground Hyperloop

But as Mal said to Shepherd Bush in Serenity, “That’s a long wait for a train don’t come.” […]

Going up: ThyssenKrupp’s test tower in Rottweil is a twisty engineering wonder

Werner Sobek puts a negligee on a concrete pipe and it’s not just for looks. […]

Everyone should wear helmets. So why pick on cyclists?

Author Todd Babin wonders why there this obsession about cyclists and helmets. So do I. […]

The iconic Schwalbe scooter has been reincarnated as an electric vehicle

This classic scooter from the former country of East Germany is now an e-scooter with a 62-mile range. […]

9 lifestyle choices to help prevent dementia

With one in 3 cases of dementia preventable, a sweeping new report identifies modifiable factors in early, mid- and late life that make a difference […]