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Crowdsourced Trump Forest aims to plant 10 billion trees to offset removal of Clean Power Plan

In a bid to mitigate the effects of the current US administration’s anti-climate policies, this campaign is encouraging people to step up the carbon sequestration pace by planting billions of trees. […]

Orangutan mama fashions a rain hat of leaves for baby and herself

On International Orangutan Day, we celebrate one of humankind’s closest relatives. […]

In Kenya, dried poop briquettes are serving as a clean cooking fuel

This waste-to-resource project not only produces a less smoky and long-burning fire, but could also help improve health and sanitation outcomes. […]

British couple has a zero waste wedding feast

Charlotte and Nick Baker managed to feed 135 guests on rejected food that was delivered one day before the wedding. […]

Photo: Pika has a taste for flowers

Our delightful photo of the day comes from Alberta, Canada. […]

Ruff Cycles’ retro Ruffian e-bike is not just for ‘real men’

It is quite a sweet ride, but I’d venture to say that any ‘real human’ would enjoy cruising around on the Ruffian. […]

Build an emergency kit in your cupboard and closet

You probably already have most of the stuff you need. […]