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New York Today: New York Today: An Explosion in Times Square

Weather.init(); }()); Don’t expect much charity from Mother Nature this week. Today is mostly sunny and crisp with a high near 41. Savor it. Rain and snow enter the forecast tomorrow, and frigid temperatures are on tap for the next few days. In the News • Experts say a shortage of Christmas trees and higher prices are thanks to a ghost from Christmases past: the Great Recession. [New York Times] Photo George Nash and his wife, Jane Waterman, run a Christmas tree enterprise in Manhattan. Credit James Estrin/The New York Times • Melissa Mark-Viverito must leave her post as City Council speaker because of term limits at the end of the month. What’s next […]

New York Today: New York Today: Deciphering Holiday Dress Codes

Weather.init(); }()); It’s Friday, and we’re chillin’. It may feel as nippy as 25 degrees as you head out this morning — the only thing taking the edge off will be the sunshine. A similar situation on Saturday, with a small chance of snow flurries in the afternoon, followed by a clear (but even colder) Sunday. Think toasty thoughts. In the News • As dozens of subway stations close or are scheduled to close for renovations, commuters and business owners ask, Is it worth it […]

Asia and Australia Edition: Prince Harry, Bali, Myanmar: Your Tuesday Briefing

#briefing-market-module.interactive-embedded .interactive-caption { display: none; } Market Snapshot View Full Overview In the News Photo Credit Cong Tuong/VNA, via Associated Press • Vietnam sentenced a 22-year-old blogger to seven years in prison for posting reports about a chemical spill last year that devastated the central coastline. [The New York Times] • A group of Australian doctors urged their government to let them conduct an immediate review of the health of hundreds of asylum seekers who were cleared out of a detention center on Manus Island on Friday, ending their three-week protest. [Reuters] • Vote counting is underway in Queensland. Australia’s Labor Party appears to be ahead, raising doubts about plans for a huge new coal mine. […]

Bali, Pope Francis, Meghan Markle: Your Monday Briefing

SectionsSEARCHSkip to contentSkip to site indexSubscribeLog In SubscribeLog InAdvertisementBriefingBali, Pope Francis, Meghan Markle: Your Monday BriefingImageThe Mount Agung volcano began erupting on the Indonesian island of Bali over the weekend. Officials said today that up to 100,000 people needed to be evacuated.CreditFirdia Lisnawati/Associated PressBy Chris Stanford Nov. […]

Who Are Sufi Muslims and Why Do Some Extremists Hate Them?

“It is nothing more than the spiritual dimension” of Islam, the cleric, who goes by Imam Feisal, said in a phone interview. “It is Islam, but we focus on meditation, on chanting sessions, which enable the Muslim to have his or her heart open. The myths people have about Sufis are analogous to the myths people have about Muslims.”For a time, beginning in the 12th century, Sufism was a mainstay of the social order for Islamic civilization, and since that time it has spread throughout the Muslim world, and to China, West Africa and the United States. As Sufism spread, it adapted elements of local culture and belief, making it a popular practice.Alexander D. Knysh, a professor of Islamic studies at the University of Michigan and expert in modern Sufism, describes it as a “very wide, amorphous movement” practiced within both the Sunni and Shiite traditions.Sufism has shaped literature and art for centuries, and is associated with many of the most resonant pieces of Islam’s “golden age,” lasting from roughly the eighth through 13th centuries, including the poetry of Rumi.In modern times, the predominant view of Sufi Islam is one of “love, peace, tolerance,” Mr. […]

Robert Mugabe Resigns as Zimbabwe’s President, Ending 37-Year Rule

The party’s political rival, the Movement for Democratic Change, seconded the motion, a striking sign of the consensus in the political class that Mr. Mugabe must go — one that formed with astonishing speed after the military took Mr. Mugabe into custody last Wednesday.Lawmakers were still discussing the impeachment motion when Mr. Mugabe’s justice minister, Happyton Bonyongwe, walked up to the stage. He was booed, because of a rumor that he had been offering bribes to sway votes against impeachment. Then he whispered into the ear of Mr. Mudenda, the speaker, and handed him a letter.Calling the lawmakers to order, the speaker announced that he had received an urgent communication from the president […]

New York Today: New York Today: How Did the Subways Get So Bad?

Weather.init(); }()); You wear Monday well, Mother Nature. Clear-as-glass blue skies today, with endless sunshine and a high near 47. The rest of the week is looking equally delightful, and it might even warm up just a tad. In the News • Kiryas Joel, a village in Orange County that is home to more than 20,000 Hasidic Jews, gained its independence from the Town of Monroe, ending years of conflict over zoning. [New York Times] Photo Kiryas Joel, in Orange County, gained its independence from the Town of Monroe on Nov. 7. Credit Jackson Krule for The New York Times • More students have become interested in old-school photography, increasing the demand for photography classes that have darkrooms. [New York Times] Continue reading the main story • A former senior official appointed by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo has been accused of sexual harassment and assault, according to a lawsuit. […]