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Get Your Marijuana Picture In Jorge Cervantes’ Next Book

I saw the following message posted on Jorge Cervantes’ forum, and figured it was worth passing along. If I had better picture skills I would be all over a once in a lifetime opportunity like this: So far I have chosen and placed about 1500 fotos for the new book. There are more than 200 [Continue Reading] […]

A New Year’s Message From Steve DeAngelo

Hello I’m Steve DeAngelo, Executive Director of Harborside Health Center. I’d like to wish all of our friends, supporters, advisors, and helpers a very Happy New Year—and thank you all for sticking with us through the difficult days of 2012. I am very happy and pleased to report that the New Year got of to [More] […]

More States Need Politicians Like New York Governor Andrew Cuomo

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, on the short list of potential ;2016 ;Democratic presidential candidates, certainly energized his progressive base of support during his State of the State before New York legislators this week. ;The governor didn’t shy away from potentially controversial issues, including marijuana decriminalization. This isn’t the first time Governor Cuomo has called on New [More] […]

Decriminalization Bill To Be Introduced To Saint Louis Board Of Aldermen

Saint Louis City Alderman Shane Cohn announced this week that he plans to introduce a bill decriminalizing the possession of small amounts of cannabis today (Friday, 1/11). Mr. Cohn’s proposal would allow the city to ticket people for possessing marijuana instead of charging them under state law. If convicted for possession of marijuana under state [More] […]

Deadlines Approaching For The National Medical Cannabis Unity Conference

Although I will not be able to attend the event, I encourage everyone that can make it to do so. It’s going to be the jumping off point for 2013 in the area of medical cannabis, don’t miss out! Below is a message I received from Americans for Safe Access: The National Medical Cannabis Unity [More] […]

Super Chem Dawg OG Marijuana Strain Pictures

Super Chem Dawg OG Marijuana Strain The Super Chem Dawg OG marijuana strain can be found at ;AAA Wellness Center. It’s a hybrid strain that tastes ‘citrusy and piney.’ ; […]

How To Make A Marijuana Clone Machine

Making Your Own Marijuana Cloner Is Cheap And Easy Supplies list: Humidity Dome Seedling/Starter Tray Aquarium Air Pumps Aquarium Air Stones Air Tubing Seedling heat mat Surge protected power strip […]