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Lightyear One solar electric car charges itself and will have a 500-mile range

A Dutch startup is planning to bring a completely solar-powered electric car to market, which could theoretically let some drivers go for months without plugging it in. […]

Put a rock on your plate to discourage overeating

These wacky ‘tableware’ stones are meant to trick diners into thinking there’s more food on their plates than there actually is. […]

Bike design from Daan Roosegaarde cleans the air while you ride

But will it work? And is it the right approach to air pollution? […]

Diesel cars will ‘almost disappear’ by 2025, says UBS

I can almost smell the cleaner air now. […]

2 Dutch cities convert entire bus fleet to electric

Dirty diesel may soon be a thing of the past in many cities. […]

Designer uses her own teeth to create ‘Human Ivory’ jewelry

Can we use our own bodies to source “material” for our own jewelry? This designer thinks so. […]

Disease prevention in urban areas: EU cities can be a hub of health promotion

Last June, I was having a public discussion with citizens in Eindhoven, Netherlands, together with Mary-Ann Schreurs, the Vice-Mayor of the city. I hold those dialogues regularly, in different EU Member States, on the issues that I am in charge of at the European Commission level – health and food safety but also broader European topics. […]