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Top 10 US Destinations for Spectacular Spring Blooms

Nothing says “springtime” quite like flowers and now is the peak time to see them at the following gardens, parks and reserves across the U.S. Our spring flowers infographic will give you a preview of each destination’s botanic specialty. Portland Japanese Garden in Portland, Oregon Peak Season: May through September In this tranquil 5.5-acre retreat, visitors will get lost in a sea of green. The Portland Japanese Garden consists of five distinct gardens based on Shinto, Buddhist and Taoist philosophies. In fact, this reserve is regarded as the most authentic Japanese garden outside of Japan. Here you can enjoy a rotating art exhibition series, gardening workshops and tea presentations. Tucked in the scenic west hills of Portland, the garden might even make you forget you’re in an urban landscape. Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming Peak Season: June through July Although every season is magnificent in Yellowstone, in late spring the wildflowers begin to bloom in bright hues, from pink and purple to green. America’s first national park is home to more than 1,350 species of vascular plants, 218 of which are non-native. […]

Can this app make an organic gardener out of you?

If the desire to start an organic garden in your yard hits you, but you feel like you don’t yet have the skills or knowledge to begin, this garden planning site has you covered. […]

Hydroponics Systems

Hydroponic Systems ; Hydroponic gardening is a method of growing plants by feeding them through water as apposed to depending of break down of ingredients in soil. There is an array of systems available on the market for consumers to … Continue reading → […]

Using CO2 For Indoor Growrooms

Carbon Dioxide or CO2 is the building blocks for proper plant growth and important for all life on this planet. Plants pull off the C from CO2 and spit back out the O2 providing all living creatures with the much … Continue reading → […]

Clonex Mist Now Available

Clonex Mist from Hydro Dynamics International is the new innovative way for taking cuttings. Customers that have used it have had better success with cuttings, because of its distinct advantages over conventional cloning products. We have found that Clonex Mist helps dramatically with keeping the cuttings from yellowing up, and helps push out roots. Product more info […]

Ventilation: Grow Room Air Flow

One of the most overlooked and improperly installed components of indoor grow environments is providing adequate air flow; keeping the room in the right temperature and humidity and also to exchange carbon dioxide depleted air with air rich in carbon dioxide. ; This article outlines common rules that will help with ventilation in any indoor more info […]

Choosing Correct Horticultural Lighting

Getting aggressive growth from your plants indoors means providing plants with a good lighting – whether HID, Fluorescent, or LED- that has the correct spectrum and intensity to support plant’s metabolic functions. ; This article is intended to help your journey in picking the correct lighting type for the garden so that you can efficiently more info […]