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New York Today: New York Today: Fashion Rejects


View original here: New York Today: New York Today: Fashion Rejects

Male Models Say Mario Testino and Bruce Weber Sexually Exploited Them

In accounts going back to the mid-1990s, 13 male assistants and models who have worked with the photographer Mario Testino, a favorite of the English royal family and Vogue, told The Times that he subjected them to sexual advances that in some cases included groping and masturbation.Representatives for both photographers said they were dismayed and surprised by the allegations.“I’m completely shocked and saddened by the outrageous claims being made against me, which I absolutely deny,” Mr. Weber said in a statement from his lawyer.Lavely & Singer, a law firm that represents Mr. Testino, challenged the characters and credibility of people who complained of harassment, and also wrote that it had spoken to several former employees who were “shocked by the allegations” and that those employees “could not confirm any of the claims.”Those who said they were on the receiving end of unwanted attention felt the choice was clear: acquiesce and be rewarded with lucrative ad campaign work, or reject the approach and risk hobbling, or destroying, a career. Many said they still would not speak publicly.PhotoThe photographer Bruce Weber at a fashion event in Milan in 2011.Credit Evan Sung for The New York TimesIn fashion, young men are particularly vulnerable to exploitation. Male models are “the least respected and most disposable,” said the former model Trish Goff.“It was general practice to give a model a heads-up about a specific photographer who we knew had a certain reputation,” said Gene Kogan of his time working as an agent at Next Management between 1996 and 2002.But, he said, “If you said you were not going to work with someone like Bruce Weber or Mario Testino, you might as well just pack it in and go work in another industry.”Continue reading the main storyAs in Hollywood, allegations of harassment and assault have been aired periodically over the decades with little lasting effect. From agents to stylists to fashion brands, the system has traditionally seemed more invested in preserving its image of perfection and glamour than in recognizing its bad actors.Regular revelations of abuse of female models — as far back as a “60 Minutes” investigation of modeling agencies in Paris in 1988 — faded away. Agents accused of raping young models in their charge continued to work […]

New York Today: New York Today: New Year’s Freeze


See the original post here: New York Today: New York Today: New Year’s Freeze

Trump Rules: When Picking Apples on a Farm With 5,000 Rules, Watch Out for the Ladders

“So many of the farmers I’ve spoken with tell me that stricter and stricter regulations have put many of their neighbors and friends out of business, and in doing so cost them their homes, land and livelihoods,” said Baylen Linnekin, a libertarian-leaning expert in food law and policy, in an email. “For many farmers, rolling back regulations is the only way they can survive.”“The Number of Rules on Ladders Alone!”After a lifetime of navigating his family’s agricultural business, Mr. Ten Eyck has a firm appreciation for the rules and regulations that are good and helpful, as well as those that are excessive and ill-advised.He fluently speaks the language of government compliance, rattling off acronyms that consume his time and resources, including E.P.A. (Environmental Protection Agency), O.S.H.A. (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), U.S.D.A. (United States Department of Agriculture) and state and local offices, too, like A.C.D.O.H. (Albany County Department of Health).During the Obama administration, food and worker safety were particular priorities among regulators, Mr. Ten Eyck said […]

New York Today: New York Today: A Kwanzaa Tradition on a Harlem Stage

Weather.init(); }()); Bundle up, and stay that way. This week will be sunny and cold, with temperatures topping out around 30 today and then staying closer to 20 for the next few days. A bit of snow is expected for Friday. […]

With Cuomo Assist, Homeowners Rush to Soften Tax Bill’s Impact

Mr. Cuomo, a possible presidential contender, said the move was aimed at protecting residents from the “divisive” Trump administration’s tax law that is an “economic dagger targeted for the heart” of New York. It could increase the amount of federal taxes paid by New Yorkers by $14 billion, Mr […]

New York Today: New York Today: History in a Holiday Window

Weather.init(); }()); Here’s hoping you kept your windows closed overnight, as a cold rain gave the city an early-morning soak. The rest of the day should be dry, though a bit muggy for this time of year, with temperatures staying in the low 40s. Tuesday is expected to be warmer, before things return to the 40s and stay there through the end of the week. In the News • In a New Jersey town, officials and residents fear the Republican tax plan will raise bills and decrease home values. [New York Times] Photo Residents of Livingston, N.J., an affluent New York City suburb, worry the tax plan will make the town a less desirable place to live. […]