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Weinstein Company Sale Delayed by N.Y. Attorney General Lawsuit

Under the deal, the two people said, Mr. Weinstein’s younger brother, Bob Weinstein, who has run the studio’s commercially oriented Dimension Films label, would leave the studio. Bob Weinstein had frantically tried to keep control of the company following his brother’s firing in October.The brothers, who jointly own about 42 percent of the Weinstein Company, would receive no cash from the proposed sale, according to the two people briefed on the deal. Other equity holders, including the advertising giant WPP Group, may also be wiped out.But the final-stage talks came to a screeching halt on Sunday afternoon, according to the two people briefed on the process, as the investor group received word that Mr. Schneiderman was about to file a lawsuit based on an ongoing four-month investigation into the Weinstein Company’s internal dealings.The lawsuit, which refers to Harvey Weinstein by his initials, says that the company’s management and board of directors “were repeatedly presented with credible evidence of HW’s sexual harassment” of company employees and interns “and his use of corporate employees and resources to facilitate sexual activity with third parties.”In one instance, a woman who complained to human resources later discovered that it was forwarded by email to Mr. Weinstein, the legal papers say […]

New York Today: New York Today: A Concert in a Crypt


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New York Today: New York Today: A Concert in a Crypt

Weather.init(); }()); Chilly, but lovely. Sunny skies and a high around 35 — a lucky break for early risers who got to see the super blue blood moon this morning just before 6 a.m. In the News • Kevin Corbett, a top executive at a global construction and engineering firm, will become the next executive director of the struggling New Jersey Transit. [New York Times] Photo Kevin Corbett is set to be the executive director of New Jersey Transit. Credit Bryan Anselm for The New York Times • The Republican state senator John A. DeFrancisco is planning to vacate his seat to challenge Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo in the governor’s race. [New York Times] Continue reading the main story • Citing strong support from surveyed residents, Hoboken’s mayor said he will move forward with plans of changing a waterfront industrial site into a park, despite opposition from a ferry company […]

New York Today: New York Today: A Taste of Sunset Park


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How Trump and Schumer Came Close to a Deal Over Cheeseburgers


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Causes of False Missile Alerts: The Sun, the Moon and a 46-Cent Chip

As emotional and disruptive as the false alert was, it was not the most dangerous episode of its kind because it did not reach the military’s chain of command or decision-makers in government, he said.Here is a look at a few cases when it did:Photo” data-mediaviewer-credit=”” itemprop=”url” itemid=”https://static01.nyt.com/images/2018/01/14/us/14xp-falsealarms-4/14xp-falsealarms-4-master675.jpg”/>The command post for North American Aerospace Defense Command operations in 1982. In 1960, Norad was sent to its maximum alert level because of a “moonrise over Norway.”Oct. 5, 1960: The moon tricks a radarA false alarm came when an early warning radar in Greenland reported to North American Air Defense Command headquarters that it had detected dozens of inbound Soviet missiles.The report thrust Norad to its maximum alert level, according to the Union of Concerned Scientists, but officials later determined that the radar had been fooled by the “moonrise over Norway.”Nov. 9, 1979: A ‘war game’ tape causes six minutes of worryComputers at Norad indicated that the United States was under attack by missiles launched by a Soviet submarine.Ten jet interceptors from three bases in the United States and Canada were scrambled, and missile bases went on “low?level alert,” The New York Times reported.When satellite data had not confirmed an attack after six minutes, officials decided that no immediate action was necessary, according to the Union of Concerned Scientists and The Times.Investigations later discovered that a “war game” tape had been loaded into the Norad computer as part of a test […]

Condé Nast Crafts Rules to Protect Models From Harassment


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