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Building a Backyard Paradise From Plant Cuttings

I’d been wandering around the garden for the past two hours. Hot, thirsty, and running out of time, I was starting to feel like the last place contestant at a scavenger hunt. It was my very first attempt at propagating plants from cuttings and I had been given a small window of time to take my pick of the over seven thousand plants at the JC Raulston Arboretum at NC State to propagate and grow in my own back yard paradise. Normally taking cuttings from plants at the arboretum would get you turned in to campus police and kicked out of NC State’s little patch of Eden. But not me, not right then. I was taking a propagation workshop, where I learned to take cuttings from plants and grow them into new plants. Just when I was despairing of ever finding the plants I was looking for, our instructor Chris Glenn appeared to save me. […]

Oaksterdam University Returns To Las Vegas March 11-14 With Horticulture Seminar

Oaksterdam University, the first cannabis college in the United States, will be in Las Vegas March 11 to 14, 2016, to host its renown Cannabis Horticulture Seminar. The entire seminar will be held at The Plaza Hotel and is the most comprehensive and advanced learning opportunity in the country for prospective and existing cannabis growers. […]

Grow Lab Press Launched: Plant Propagation Issue

Stop by a Sea Of Green shop to pick up our new monthly handsouts. This month, we take a look at plant propagation – starting from a seed or clone. […]