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I Am a Botanist (And No, I Don’t Grow Marijuana)

When I tell people that I make my living in botany, they often guess at what that means. Some have no sense for the word. Others imagine me on slow strolls through meadows, sniffing wildflowers and communing with songbirds. I also often get asked if being a botanist means that I grow marijuana. I have been asked this by folks of all ages and statuses, from “Joe Publics” on adjacent barstools to potential donors being courted at fundraising events. […]

Pollination nation: Create a pollinator-friendly habitat in your yard

These hard-working critters deserve all the help they can get, and because it’s National Pollinator Week, there’s no better time to get started. […]

The Importance of Insects in the Web of Life

From feeding flesh eaters to plant reproduction, the essential role bugs play in the survival of many ecosystems is hard to overstate. In this article, learn more about the astounding importance of insects. […]

Plant Propagation Essentials: Starting From Seeds or Cuttings

Healthy plants with bountiful growth start with establishing good genetics in an easy growing environment. In their earliest development the slightest stresses can create growth problems for the rest of their growing lives. These stresses may even be carried on through the seeds or cuttings from the plant buried deep within their DNA. To guarantee more info […]