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Europe Edition: Zimbabwe, Emmanuel Macron, Jeff Sessions: Your Wednesday Briefing

In one village, he found a lone Shiite cleric who was trying to help. “I’m trying to talk to people about God, give them peace of mind — that is all I can do,” he said. “And pray. […]

See Harvey’s Path From a Helicopter


Go here to read the rest: See Harvey’s Path From a Helicopter

Cyborg bacteria turn carbon dioxide into chemicals and fuels with zero waste

Forget about Tony Stark or the Bionic Man, the real cyborg action starts with microscopic swamp creatures […]

The iconic Schwalbe scooter has been reincarnated as an electric vehicle

This classic scooter from the former country of East Germany is now an e-scooter with a 62-mile range. […]

Astrophysics for People in a Hurry (Unabridged) – Neil de Grasse Tyson

Astrophysics for People in a Hurry (Unabridged)
Neil de Grasse Tyson
Genre: Science
Price: $9.95
Publish Date: May 2, 2017 © ? © 2017 Blackstone Audio, Inc. […]

Put Your Feet Where Your Values Are: March For Science

Take out your mobile phone and give it a good look. Curiosity made that. Curiosity coupled with intense concentration, wild imagination, bold hypotheses, and years of experimental toil to validate them. The slim device in your hand encapsulates 500 years of physics. Newtonian mechanics, James Clerk Maxwell’s equations for electromagnetism, Einstein’s relativity, Bohr’s atomic theory, Turing’s universal computer, Schrödinger’s quantum wave function, Feynman’s diagram: all these and more streamed into the phone you hold in your hand. And that’s just one branch of science […]

Fully-enclosed IRIS eTrike is an electric assist velomobile with a 50-mile range

What looks like a cross between a bike helmet and a high-heeled shoe could help usher in another wave of personal electric assisted vehicles. […]