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Asia and Australia Edition: Michael Flynn, North Korea, Rohingya: Your Monday Briefing

#briefing-market-module.interactive-embedded .interactive-caption { display: none; } Market Snapshot View Full Overview In the News • Cyclone Ockhi has killed at least 19 people in India. The authorities there said they had rescued 690 fishermen, but 96 are still missing. [Times of India] Continue reading the main story • The White House national security adviser, H.R. McMaster, said that the potential for war with North Korea was “increasing every day.” [CNN] • In Indonesia, Mount Agung appears calmer, but more than 55,000 people remain in evacuation camps. Some are sneaking back to the volcano’s danger zone to tend homes and livestock […]

Protests of Immigration Ban Continue

Times journalists around the world bring you a new 360 video every day.Recent Episodes in The Daily 360 The Daily 360 1:51 ‘Living in a Condition of Hopelessness’ The Daily 360 0:48 Protests of Immigration Ban Continue The Daily 360 1:45 The Conductor’s View at Carnegie Hall The Daily 360 1:30 How to Make a Chinese Lantern The Daily 360 2:02 A Ballerina’s Endless Day The Daily 360 1:22 The Race Home for Chinese New Year The Daily 360 1:32 Just a Bit Off-Center The Daily 360 1:03 A Deadly Tornado’s Destruction The Daily 360 1:43 Shanghai’s Disappearing Alleyway Homes Show more videos from The Daily 360 […]

Shanghai Dwellings Vanish, and With Them, a Way of Life


Read more here: Shanghai Dwellings Vanish, and With Them, a Way of Life

Shanghai’s Disappearing Alleyway Homes

Times journalists around the world bring you a new 360 video every day.Recent Episodes in The Daily 360 The Daily 360 1:43 Shanghai’s Disappearing Alleyway Homes The Daily 360 1:36 Witness the Women’s March in Washington The Daily 360 0:60 In Solidarity: Women’s Marches Across the World The Daily 360 1:47 A Nation Divided at Inauguration The Daily 360 1:53 Inside Trump’s Cabinet Room The Daily 360 2:16 Enter the Chaos of Duterte’s Philippines The Daily 360 1:21 Tour Trump’s Childhood Home The Daily 360 1:32 Where Civil Rights Meet the Civil War The Daily 360 1:33 52 Places to Go: Madagascar Show more videos from The Daily 360 […]

Robot builds a brick wall that a human bricklayer probably couldn’t

It recycles old brick into an entirely new form. […]

Morning Must Reads: July 27

With just 10 days to the first GOP debate, the Republican National Committee is defending its efforts to take control of the debates process that will leave six candidates off the main stage next week. In anticipation of the culling, which will be determined by position in nationally polling, the candidates on the bubble are going up on television, increasing their travel schedule, and dialing up their rhetoric to gain attention. For instance, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee resorted to invoking the Holocaust over the weekend in a bid to highlight his opposition to the Iran nuclear deal. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is out with the first leg of her climate change plan, but she can’t outrun lingering questions over her use of private email while at the State Department. A pair of inspector generals said Friday that there were at least four instances of classified information being found on her unsecured server in violation of handling rules. And she and the House Benghazi Committee remain locked in a war of words over the conditions under which she will testify later this year. Here are your must-reads: Must Reads Officials: Classified Emails ‘Should Never’ Have Been On Hillary Clinton Server More questions for Clinton over private email use [TIME] Donald Trump Staffers Eye Third-Party Run TIME’s Philip Elliott reports on the candidate’s flirtations with an independent run Hillary Clinton Unveils Far-Reaching Climate Change Plan 500 million new solar panels by 2020 [New York Times] Senate Smackdown: Ted Cruz, Mike Lee Efforts Squelched by Leaders Drama in the Senate chamber [Politico] Republicans Alter Script on Abortion, Seeking to Shift Debate The GOP goes on offense after controversial videos emerge [New York Times] Sound Off “This president’s foreign policy is the most feckless in American history. It is so naive that he would trust the Iranians. By doing so, he will take the Israelis and march them to the door of the oven.” — Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee on the Iran nuclear deal negotiated by President Obama. “I think every state should strengthen their laws. Every state should make sure this information is being reported in the background system. We need to make sure that background system is working. Absolutely, in this instance, this man never should have been able to buy a gun.” — Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal on CBS “Face the Nation” after last week’s mass shooting in Lafayette Bits and Bites John McCain to Campaign for Lindsey Graham Next Week [TIME] Dispute Continues Over Hillary Clinton Testifying Before Benghazi Panel [TIME] Here’s Jeb Bush’s Underwhelming Review of Sharknado 3 [TIME] George Pataki Is Wearing Two Hats: Presidential Candidate and Cattleman [Wall Street Journal] Jeb Bush to Seek Latino Support in Central Florida [Washington Post] Marco Rubio, Absentee Senator [Politico] American Crossroads Gears Up for 2016 Elections, Aims to Stay Top GOP Super PAC [Wall Street Journal] Exodus from Puerto Rico Could Upend Florida Vote in 2016 Presidential Race [Washington Post] GOP: It’s No Longer Playing Catch-Up to Clinton on Tech Outreach [San Francisco Chronicle] Where Candidates Stash Their Cash [Bloomberg] […]

Shanghai to offer free license plates to Tesla owners (value: $15,000)

Trying to clear up the air a little bit by encouraging the switch to electric vehicles. […]