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Whimsical Urban Debris as Art in Detroit


Read the original here: Whimsical Urban Debris as Art in Detroit

This shipping container house makes sense

It’s the solid anchor for a hand-built recycled gem. […]

Big surprise: Millennials start having families, buying houses.

An overview of surveys and articles shows that not much has changed in the housing market after all. […]

What If Trump And Xi Were To See Eye To Eye On Sustainability?

President Trump and President Xi of China recently met. Imagine a world in which Trump and Xi, the leaders of the two largest national economies, came up with a plan to combat climate change, commit to renewable energy, and clean up the effects of industrial pollution. Here is my envisioning of Trump and Xi focusing on a transition to sustainability instead of trade deals and monetary policies. It is modeled on Trump’s actual recent speech in which he re-committed to the old energy models of coal, oil, and gas. This post reimagines the American President as pro-planet instead of pro-coal. In a world where humanity was meeting the evolutionary challenge presented by the ecological crisis, here is what a dialogue might have sounded like between the leaders of the nations with the largest economies, consumption, pollution, and ecological footprint. (The actual meeting lacked any discussion on climate change or clean energy.) May this aspirational alt-news become real news while we still have time to address the human ecological crisis. […]

10 zero waste bloggers you should know

These Millennials are experts when it comes to waste reduction, and they want you to join the movement. […]

Farming In Solidarity: An Interview With Deb Habib And Ricky Baruc

Farmers and educators Deb Habib and Ricky Baruc explain how blending farming with social and environmental justice gives them a way to express their passion for solidarity with nature and humanity. Omega: Farming can be challenging, and farming with social and environmental justice as goals seems like it could be an even bigger undertaking. What motivates you to keep at it each day? Deb & Ricky: When visitors arrive at our farm they see sculpture, altars, and signs woven among the fields and greenhouses, with quotes from passionate drivers for justice who have gone before us and are our inspiration, like Nelson Mandela, Vandana Shiva, Thich Nhat Hanh, Angela Davis, and Hopi Elders. […]

We Need to Use a Different Part of Our Brain to Crack the Sustainability Challenge

Former UN climate change negotiator Christiana Figueres has credited the teachings of Zen Buddhist master Thich Nhat Hanh for giving her the strength to play a leading role in last year’s gruelling international climate talks. Figueres was praised for her ability to bring warring factions together with warmth and calm, and for the pivotal role she played in securing agreement to limit global warming to below 2oC. Buddhist meditation — and its recent secular incarnation in mindfulness — is clinically proven to help build resilience to cope with life’s stresses. It’s inspirational to know that it played a part in ensuring December’s historic deal in Paris. But Buddhists may also be on to something else very important for those of us interested sustainable living: we may have been using the wrong part of brain to crack the sustainability challenge […]