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Hacked office furniture system lets workers sleep, farm and socialize

This office system has been adapted to be flexible, fun and comfortable. […]

You can’t be an environmentalist if…

So you want to save the world, do you? Let’s get one thing straight. […]

We Must Fight Rhino Poaching With Science And Dismiss Superstition

A recent story about poachers breaking into the zoo in Paris and killing a rhino to saw off its horn has led to Czech and Belgian zookeepers pre-emptively sawing off the horns of their rhinos in captivity to thwart potential poachers. That sort of supply-reduction thinking will work just as effectively as fumigating illicit cocaine crops and banning assault weapons. You cannot repeal the law of supply and demand. So long as there is demand for rhino horns, cocaine, and assault weapons, someone will step up to supply them. The demand for cocaine and assault weapons seems easy to understand. But does everybody know why poachers kill rhinos for their horns? […]

The stories a lamp or a table could tell

Making stuff is hard, and people just don’t see it or get it. That’s a shame. […]

This food cart looks good enough to eat

Most hot dog carts are ugly and utilitarian. This one’s not. […]

IKEA recall: Don’t blame the parents who didn’t install the wall anchors, it’s fundamentally bad design

IKEA had a choice to make it shallow and cheap or heavy and deep. […]

Stunning maintenance-free living walls are made with real, preserved plants

Artisan Moss uses sustainably harvested moss and ferns and salvaged regional woods to create these worry-free interior artworks. […]