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CO2 heat pumps can heat your home and your hot water

Get rid of fossil fuels and hydrofluorocarbon refrigerants in one fell swoop […]

Why has everyone stopped going green?

The Shelton Group thinks we focused too much on energy savings and not enough on the environment. […]

Harvard’s bionic leaf now makes fertilizer too

The incredible artificial leaf that can turn sunlight into fuel can now also increase crop yields. […]

Where to find all-natural chewing gum

Several companies now make biodegradable chewing gum that’s free from synthetic polymers — healthier for both humans and Earth. […]

Bicycle Bridge zips over school and around park

Getting there is half the fun with this new bridge by Next Architects […]

London parents will get fined for dropping their kids at school by car

In an amazing reversal of American policies, a neighbourhood in east London is prioritizing the safety of children over the convenience of cars. […]

Retrofitted yacht uses off-the-shelf solar & wind products to power its educational journey to Cuba

Vittoria Energy Expedition is sailing from DC to Cuba, visiting communities along the way where renewable energy is making a difference. […]