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London Attack Near Mosque Investigated as Terrorism


According to the office of the mayor of London, in the six days after the terrorist attack at London Bridge and Borough Market on June 3, the Metropolitan Police reported 120 Islamophobic events, compared with 36 the previous week. It added that hate crimes in general had been growing.On Monday, the Muslim Association of Britain condemned the assault in Finsbury Park as an “evil terror attack.” The association also called for the police to protect mosques and asked the government to fight hate crimes against Muslims.“We call on politicians to treat this major incident no less than a terrorist attack,” the organization said in a statement. “We call on the government to do more to tackle this hateful evil ideology, which has spread over these past years and resulted in an increase of Islamophobic attacks and division of our society, as well as spreading of hate.”Brendan Cox, whose wife, Jo Cox, a member of Parliament, was shot and killed last year in the north of England by a right-wing extremist, said it was imperative to battle hateful ideology against Muslims, just as it was necessary to fight Islamist hate preachers.“When islamist terrorists attack we rightly seek out hate preachers who spur them on,” Mr

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London Attack Near Mosque Investigated as Terrorism

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