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North Carolina Shrugs as Its Senator Scrutinizes Russia


Jim Morrill, a political reporter at The Charlotte Observer who has covered Mr. Burr since that first Senate race, described him as a candidate so unflashy he drives himself from one event to another, adding that he once produced a whiteboard from his trunk as a prop for one of his speeches.PhotoDemonstrators protesting North Carolina’s bathroom bill last year.Credit Chris Seward/The News and Observer, via Associated Press“Most voters couldn’t tell you a whole lot about him,” Mr. Morrill said. “He’s got a high profile now with his committee and he just got re-elected, but I think most people would be hard-pressed to tell you anything specifically that he has put his stamp on over the years.”As she waited for the train home in downtown Charlotte on Wednesday, Kristi Watanabe, 22, said she did not know much about Mr. Burr, including that he is in charge of an important Senate inquiry. “You know the name, and that’s about it,” she said with a shrug.Whether residents hope investigators hurry for the sake of finding answers or eliminating distractions, many North Carolinians are not keeping close tabs on Mr.

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North Carolina Shrugs as Its Senator Scrutinizes Russia

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