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Become a professional Cat Cuddler in Ireland

A feline clinic in Dublin has published a full-time job listing for cat cuddlers. […]

Rapid smartphone test could diagnose mosquito-borne viruses in minutes

The cheap test could help doctors in developing countries to detect the viruses and take action to prevent more infections. […]

Artisan Retreat’s 250 sq. ft. handcrafted interior yields a warm welcome

This unique tiny home’s thoughtful layout, beautiful details and well-paired materials make it feel like a real haven. […]

Sustainable Cities Work for Climate Change

To survive on this planet at the numbers we have amassed, cities must more efficiently support their human habitants, especially with persistent constraints on water, land, and food. Organizing people into cities can be an important strategy for conserving land for farming, biodiversity, and more wilderness; but compact cities and strong towns also improve municipal-service delivery and encourage efficient use of infrastructure investments. Additionally, urban dwellers’ lowered individual demands for space and energy make new technological innovations, such as renewables, more viable as meaningful alternatives to current systems […]

Oregon Marijuana Legalization Study Predicts $38.5 Million In Taxes On $145 Ounces

A new study compiled by ECONorthwest ;has predicted that Oregon will reap $38.5 million in marijuana tax revenue in the first fiscal year of legalization. ; The Control, Regulation, and Taxation of Marijuana and Industrial Hemp Act promoted by New Approach Oregon has qualified for the November election ballot and will cap the taxation of marijuana at […]

From Farm To Freedom, Meet Smudge The Rescued Bear Cub

Prepare yourself for the unbearable cuteness that is Smudge, a rescued bear cub from Nanning, China.

Not only does the sight of Smudge horsing around make our hearts melt, but she is also one of over 130 moon bears who have been rescued from a bile farm as part of a new campaign from Animals Asia, called Peace by Piece.

While living on the farm, Smudge and the other bears were reportedly kept in terrible conditions — many trapped in small cages from birth — and farmed for their bile. Despite farming for many years, the farmer had a change of heart when his daughter convinced him of the cruelty of the trade.

The campaign will convert the farm into a bear sanctuary and education center. Additionally, Animals Asia will lease the farm’s land and facilities and provide meaningful jobs to the farm’s nine existing workers.

This will be the largest rescue of its kind in the world — put your paws up for that.

If you want to learn more about Animals Asia or donate to the cause, visit here.


The Economics of Foodservice Face Severe Pressures

As the debate about increasing the minimum wage rages on, foodservice operators are dealing with the realities of cutting costs. While the need to maintain a successful business is still the first priority, addressing minimum wage changes is just one more issue business owners face to keep labor costs under control. […]