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Asia and Australia Edition: North Korea, Republican Party, Facebook: Your Friday Briefing

#briefing-market-module.interactive-embedded .interactive-caption { display: none; } Market Snapshot View Full Overview In the News Photo Credit Yuya Shino/Kyodo News, via Associated Press • A fire in Sapporo, Japan, ravaged a wooden housing facility for impoverished citizens, killing eight men and three women. [The Asahi Shimbun] • In the Philippines, the police arrested a top leader of a decades-old Communist insurgency, the latest sign that President Rodrigo Duterte is not interested in resuming peace talks. [The New York Times] • A Chinese military aircraft crashed this week during drills in Guizhou province, killing at least 12 crew members and exposing the limits of the air force’s technology. [South China Morning Post] • A dozen U.S. lawmakers nominated Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement, and its student leader, Joshua Wong, for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize. The move is certain to provoke anger from Beijing. [Reuters] • The water supply in Cape Town, South Africa, is dangerously close to running dry. Officials say taps for the city’s four million residents could be shut off in less than three months if the current drought continues. [The New York Times] • Three Danish tourists survived after driving into a river in northern Australia that was known to be full of crocodiles. […]

Trump, Hawaii, Montecito: Your Weekend Briefing

#briefing-market-module.interactive-embedded .interactive-caption { display: none; } Market Snapshot View Full Overview ____ Photo Credit Tomas Munita for The New York Times 11. Finally, a long weekend is a great time to daydream about a getaway. To aid in that effort, here’s our annual list of 52 places to inspire travelers. […]

From Norway to Haiti, Trump’s Comments Stir Fresh Outrage


Read more: From Norway to Haiti, Trump’s Comments Stir Fresh Outrage

Trump’s Immigration Remarks Outrage Many, but Others Quietly Agree

To be sure, Mr. Trump’s choice of words drew condemnation from around the world. Botswana and Haiti asked for meetings with American diplomats to clarify what Mr. Trump said and what he believes. The president of Senegal, Macky Sall, was one of many who saw racism in the remarks. “Africa and black people deserve the respect and consideration of all,” he wrote on Twitter.Even the Vatican newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano, weighed in, declaring Mr […]

Europe Edition: Donald Trump, Syria, Migrants: Your Tuesday Briefing

Meanwhile the Philippines declared an end to months of warfare against Islamic State-inspired militants in the city of Marawi, but fears linger that remaining groups of militants will strike again._____PhotoCredit Geert Vanden Wijngaert/Associated Press• Most European Union member countries backed a French proposal to overhaul temporary labor migration rules that have pitted Western members against Central and Eastern peers. (Above, Emmanuel Macron, the French president.)Labor ministers debated a compromise that would set a time limit for E.U. citizens working in other member countries before they fall under the host country’s labor laws. Poland and Hungary are among the countries opposed to new restrictions.Meanwhile, Victor Orban, Hungary’s prime minister, used his speech commemorating the 61st anniversary of the 1956 anti-Soviet uprising to rail against migration from outside the bloc._____PhotoCredit Joao Silva/The New York Times• In South Africa, apartheid persists economically. […]

Conflicting Accounts in Niger Ambush Are Subject of Pentagon Investigation

The inconsistencies are at the heart of why the Pentagon has not been forthcoming with details about what happened in Niger, according to American military officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss a continuing investigation. Four Americans were killed in the attack, including three Green Berets, as well as four Nigerien soldiers. Two Americans and six Nigeriens were wounded.The contradictions added to the major questions emerging about the attack: Had the soldiers acted beyond their planned mission without first gaining approval? And if they were given permission, who granted it?Military officials have said that the troops were on a reconnaissance patrol, which means they almost certainly were out to collect information on the Qaeda and Islamic State groups operating in the area; the American military has a list of Islamic State leaders they are targeting. For that mission, the commander of the American team would have needed approval from at least one or two higher levels — a subcommand in Chad and a task force commander in Germany, where the United States Africa Command is based.Once in the field, if the team wanted to change the mission to pursue a suspected Qaeda or Islamic State leader, the team leader would need to conduct a risk assessment and call for permission from his higher headquarters, according to current and former senior officials at the Africa Command who described how its soldiers conduct operations.PhotoThe four soldiers killed in Niger, from left, Staff Sgt. Bryan C. […]

U.S. Special Forces Troops Killed in Ambush in Niger

Three American special forces troops were killed and two others were injured on Wednesday when they were ambushed in Niger, according to multiple reports. “We can confirm reports that a joint U.S. and Nigerian patrol came under hostile fire in southwest Niger,” said Lt. Cmdr. Anthony Falvo, a spokesman for U.S. Africa Command […]