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19 U.S. aquariums ban plastic straws and bags, while promising to do more

Going plastic-free is the most ocean-friendly choice. […]

Where scientists are superstars

… in the place where people understand the risks of living in an anti-globalist, post-fact era […]

This wood & wool box could be a green alternative to foam coolers

WooBox uses two old-school materials to redesign an eco-friendly container for transporting fresh food. […]

Happy 50th birthday to the home microwave

The first affordable microwave changed the way we cooked- for a while, anyway […]

Bold Action For Environmental Protections Under Attack

What has gone wrong? Why has the true value of clean air and water, of sustainable exploitation of natural resources, of alternative forms of energy, of protection from persistent poisons, not been fully understood and embraced by the larger public that will certainly suffer the consequences? What have environmentalists failed to do to promote their accomplishments and enlist legions to their cause? Why is the protection of land and sea?—?all that the natural world provides for our well-being?—?not celebrated as the fundamental principle on which to build our future? The natural environment in the United States is under attack as never before. […]

Digital nomad’s ultra-minimalist van conversion includes hidden bike rack (Video)

This clean, pared-down and solar-powered van conversion hides a lot of ideas for clever storage and ergonomics. […]

This scientist wants to create ‘artificial glaciers’ to combat melting Himalayan ice (Video)

These vertical towers, made of artificially diverted glacial meltwater, are a brilliant idea and possible solution to alleviate water shortages brought on by the fast-melting Himalayan glaciers. […]