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This electric city bike from Ariel Rider can haul 300 pounds of cargo on its rear rack

And it has a place for your coffee cup right up front within reach. […]

Electric cars will reach cost parity with conventional cars as early as next year

Cost parity between gas & diesel cars and electric vehicles could be reached in 2018, most likely in Europe first. […]

Turns out that cats actually like people after all

Don’t let that aloof insouciance fool you, scientists have found that cats prefer human social interaction over everything else, even food! […]

Simulator predicts how a tsunami will behave before it hits

The system only takes 10 minutes to make the prediction giving governments and rescue teams time to prepare. […]

Loving Lindsey – Patricia Keelyn

Loving Lindsey Patricia Keelyn Genre: Contemporary Publish Date: May 12, 2016 Publisher: Panther Press Seller: Patricia Van Wie Lindsey Baker and Will Claxton had once been best friends, until betrayal drove them apart.   Now someone is sabotaging Lindsey’s ranch, and Will seems the most likely candidate.  Although Lindsey wants to believe he’s innocent, he’s the one with the motive. Years earlier, her father had foreclosed on a loan that cost Will his family’s land. Still, he insists he had nothing to do with the ‘accidents’ plaguing Lindsey’s ranch. He wants his property returned, but he plans to buy it fair and square.  Lindsey wants to believe the man she’s loved since childhood, but she fears he’ll do almost anything to reclaim his family’s ranch. His sudden interest in her as a woman is too convenient. Can she trust a man who’s never seen her as anything but a friend, when she knows he’ll do anything to regain his family’s heritage—including breaking her heart once again? […]

Rx From Your Doctors: Climate Cure

Of all the reasons to insist on clean air — and there are many — public health is arguably the strongest. Badly polluted air is responsible for causing or exacerbating asthma, heart disease, viruses, and various cancers. Alzheimer’s, pediatric neuroinflammation, and dementia have now jumped onto this grim list, as two independent teams of researchers have announced. Fine particulate matter in polluted air may be invisible, but it embeds deep in the lungs and penetrates into the bloodstream: “Cells in the brain treat these particles as invaders and react with inflammatory responses, which over the course of time, appear to exacerbate and promote Alzheimer’s disease…. Although the link between air pollution and Alzheimer’s disease is a new scientific frontier, we now have evidence that air pollution, like tobacco, is dangerous to the aging brain.” – Professor Caleb Finch, University of Southern California Health care can be time-consuming, scary and deadly. And for many people, dependable basic health-care coverage is in question. Factor in the continuing impacts of global warming, and it’s a feverish hot mess. Painful social and financial risk abound, for patients, their families and the communities that confront air pollution, changing habitats, rising temperatures and extreme weather events; for the employers that must plan for a vulnerable workforce; and for businesses whose m.o. is affected: tourism in tropical zones where disease-bearing insects thrive, to name one example. No wonder mental health issues are also on the rise, and muscling in to the equation […]

Reindeer antler secrets inspire stronger materials

Although scientists have not yet determined how antlers help reindeer fly, they are finding other useful properties from which we can learn […]