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‘What the Health’ explores how corruption and collusion are keeping Americans sick

This is the latest mind-bending film from the makers of ‘Cowspiracy,’ and the subject is no less controversial this time round. […]

The cargo bike is the new family car

You expect this in Copenhagen, but in Canada? […]

Copenhagen’s GoBike share program is collapsing

We saw this one coming. […]

The best bicycle infrastructure cartoon I’ve ever seen

Horrible bike infrastructure is a bitter joke to bicyclists in a many a jurisdiction. Thanks to Steve Patrick Adams for highlighting the absurdity of this in a way the average person can understand in the cartoon above. […]

Why I’m putting my bike helmet back on

Four days in the Trauma Neurosurgery wing has made me very cautious about my head. […]

Why Copenhagen’s bike commute rate jumped from 36% to 41% in one year

A somewhat odd factor at play in Copenhagen, starting in 2012, seems to have stimulated a bike boost in the already leading bike city. Bicycle commuting jumped from 36% to 41% from 2012 to 2013. […]

On writing 10,000 posts for TreeHugger

Some of them even hold up to scrutiny after all this time; here are a few of my favorites. […]