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The art of listening to birds with David Sibley

In which the walking ornithology encyclopedia known as David Sibley showed me how to identify birds by their songs in NYC’s Central Park. […]

Tree-dwelling gray foxes decorate with skeletons

As the only canids that can climb trees, gray foxes frequently drag fawn and rabbit skeletons onto the branches with them. […]

About That Mar-a-Lago Sinkhole…

When news broke last week that a sinkhole formed at Donald Trump’s resort and weekend White House known as Mar-a-Lago, the press and social media had a field day. The headline in the Washington Post declared, “Sinkhole forms in front of Mar-a-Lago; metaphors pour in.” Twitter went full snark. Even Cher got into the laughfest.Many who know me as a Florida sinkhole expert forwarded several articles about the collapse. By all reports, the sinkhole was a small 4-foot square collapse feature.But was it really a sinkhole?When I heard the news, I was highly skeptical.A sinkhole is a collapse of a void space that forms from the solution of soluble rock—usually limestone.In Florida, most of the limestone that contains void spaces large enough to cause a sinkhole the size of the one at Mar-a-Lago is found near the surface in central Florida near Tampa and Orlando. Some large sinkholes in this area have caused tremendous property damage and loss of life.But Mar-a-Lago? According to state geologic maps of Palm Beach County, the site is underlain by the Anastasia formation, a geologic unit consisting of a mix of late Pleistocene sands and a type of limestone called coquina—a weakly cemented rock made of shells. While sinkholes can form in the formation, they are not at all a common occurrence.So if it wasn’t a sinkhole, what was it?The Palm Beach Daily News is reporting that it was a collapsed stormwater pipe and not a sinkhole—at least not a geologic sinkhole.In recent years, we have taken to using the term sinkhole for any collapse feature that suddenly forms on the surface of the earth […]

Rustic modern tiny house shows another clever way to do the stairs

There’s more than one way to go up in a small space, and this is one smart alternative. […]

Incredible artisanal cakes are decorated like mini-terrariums

Love succulents? Well, you can also find the edible, frosted kind as decorations on these one-of-a-kind cakes. […]

The pollution is so bad in London that kids are wearing masks

Because getting rid of cars is just so inconvenient […]

More on that plastic film that might replace your air conditioner

Expert Allison Bailes weighs in and explains how it works. […]