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‘Very Frustrated’ Trump Becomes Top Critic of Law Enforcement

Mr. Trump has made clear that he sees the attorney general and the F.B.I. director as his personal agents rather than independent figures, lashing out at both for not protecting him from the Russia investigation.In May, he fired the F.B.I […]

Airlines Face Criticism Amid Irma Price-Gouging Complaints

Amid complaints of airlines taking advantage of those trying to flee Hurricane Irma, Senators Richard Blumenthal and Edward J. Markey have written to Transportation Secretary Elaine L. Chao, asking her to look into reports of possible price gouging.A tweet that went viral earlier this week sparked outrage over suspected price gouging by airlines of Hurricane Irma evacuees.Many others have used social media to chastise the airlines’ supposed bad behavior throughout this past week:Florida residents have been logging their compaints about unfair pricing of items like water and gasoline, along with airfares, with the office of Pam Bondi, the attorney general of Florida. There have been more than 7,000 since Monday, the attorney general said on Friday.In their letter to Transportation Secretary Chao, Senators Blumenthal and Markey wrote:“Airlines certainly have a right to a reasonable return for services rendered and vagaries in pricing are to be expected; but airlines have no right to impose exorbitant, unfair prices on Americans simply trying to get out of harm’s way.”Continue reading the main storyFlorida Representative Charlie Crist also wrote a letter to Ms. Chao, calling for an investigation of United Airlines after receiving several complaints over airfare increases.Continue reading the main story […]

Justice Dept., Under Siege From Trump, Plows Ahead With His Agenda

Mr. Rosenstein added, “Nobody is directing us and nobody is going to direct us about which cases to pursue.”But even if developing headlines are not rippling through the department in real time — “I’ve made a point of telling my people they should not be monitoring the breaking news,” Mr. Rosenstein said — the attacks by Mr. Trump, including his firing of the acting attorney general and the F.B.I. director, as well as calls to investigate a political opponent, have reverberated loudly […]

Jeff Sessions, John McCain, O.J. Simpson: Your Thursday Briefing

• Best of late-night TV. On “The Late Show,” Stephen Colbert summed up his view of the White House’s truthfulness: “Every time they tell us it’s a nothing burger, it turns out to be a juicy quarter pounder with sleaze.” Continue reading the main story • Quotation of the day. “If he was going to recuse himself, he should have told me before he took the job, and I would have picked somebody else.” — President Trump, expressing frustration with Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who recused himself from the investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election. […]

Mistrial in Cincinnati Shooting as Officer Is Latest Not to Be Convicted

Jurors had deliberated for more than 30 hours in the case, which revolved around a botched traffic stop that prosecutors once called “asinine” and “senseless.”Continue reading the main storyThe mistrial left prosecutors weighing whether to try Mr. Tensing a third time, and what charges to use if they do. Last week, partway through the trial, prosecutors had sought to add a third — and lesser — charge of reckless homicide to the jury’s options. Judge Ghiz denied the motion, saying, in essence, that it was too late.Joseph T. Deters, the head prosecutor in Hamilton County, said he would not comment on his plans until next week.But Mr. DuBose’s family — along with activists gathered outside the courtroom — urged the prosecutors to press on […]

Trump’s Revised Ban Gets Cabinet Support

By THE NEW YORK TIMES | Mar. 6, 2017 | 2:35Jeff Sessions, the attorney general; Rex W. Tillerson, the secretary of state; and John F. Kelly, the secretary of Homeland Security, discussed President Trump’s revised travel ban.Related: article: Trump’s Revised Travel Ban Spares Iraqis […]

Scott Pruitt Will Make America Great Again — For Polluters

President Trump’s choice to lead the Environmental Protection Agency might put it on the endangered species list. In this video essay, Bill Moyers takes on President Trump’s choice to lead the Environmental Protection Agency. Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt has a track record of putting the business interests of the energy sector before the environmental and health interests of the public. He has spent his career fighting the rules and regulations of the agency he is now being nominated to lead. His expected confirmation threatens to make America great for polluters again. TRANSCRIPT I’m Bill Moyers, here with a horror story — a story of corruption so daring, so devious and so dangerous it could kill you. […]