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Gorillas need hugs too

This 11-second clip of two western lowland gorilla siblings hugging it out will make your day. […]

Living Dangerously

It’s happening again, a TV presentation intended to wake people up to the challenge of the age. n 1983 ABC screened a movie called The Day After. It depicted the results, in the region of a heartland city, of a nuclear exchange. This week, Showtime features the first of a 9-part series on climate change. Called The Years of Living Dangerously, the series was initiated by veterans of 60 Minutes, is presented under the aegis of big-name producers (James Cameron of Avatar, Arnold Schwarzenegger), and stars celebrities acting as roaming interviewers. Go back to the 1980s: Why did President Reagan evolve from being solely a hard-liner to proposing to Gorbachev, at the Reykjavik summit in 1986, the elimination of all nuclear weapons? It had much to do with the nuclear freeze movement that drew a million people to Central Park in 1982, and with the fanciful Reagan hope of protecting the U.S. from nuclear weapons with an anti-missile system (“Star Wars”). […]

Celebrating Oscar Week With Red Carpet, Green Dress

For anyone not asked up to the podium, Oscar week is best known for unparalleled celebrity sightings, decadent party-going and the gowns that keep Joan Rivers in business. Actress/activist Suzy Amis Cameron created her own Oscar-worthy week when she enticed her friends to celebrate the Red Carpet Green Dress competition — an internationally recognized design competition that weaves together the worlds of fashion and sustainability. […]

Ang Lee’s Life of Pi: The Next Avatar

Ang Lee’s Life of Pi: The Next Avatar […]

The Carpetbagger: Documentarians and Animators Go Their Own Ways

The nominees in the documentary and animation feature categories are interesting for some oversights, typical of those independent-minded branches of the Academy. […]

The Carpetbagger: Mostly Dramas From White Men: Why It’s a Conventional Best-Picture List

Why this year’s nominees are a conventional crop: with no all-out comedy or beakout indie, the list isn’t much of a surprise. […]