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You can thank antibiotics for all the cheap meat

Farmers pump livestock full of drugs to keep them ‘healthy’ and fatten them up quickly. Unfortunately this could be a global death sentence. […]

Wood fibers make for cheap, portable water filtration

The electricity-free system could be used in refugee camps. […]

New E. coli strain resistant to all known antibiotics

The bacteria are winning. […]

6 reasons to remove your shoes inside

From harboring hitchhiking bacteria to tracking in toxins, here’s why you may want to leave your kicks at the door. […]

97 percent of chicken carries bacteria that could make you sick

New research from Consumer Reports finds that harmful bacteria is on almost all of the chicken in your grocery store, even organic brands. […]

Make a simple microbial fuel cell

This is a great way to understand the science behind microbial fuel cells and make a little renewable energy at home. […]

This eco-friendly sanitizer is safe, sustainable, and effective

Here’s a non-toxic and cost-effective solution for kiling bacteria and viruses everywhere, from locker rooms to boardrooms, and from daycares to nursing homes. […]