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Schooled in Scandal: What Makes Ukraine a Hotbed of Intrigue

Mr. Poroshenko, unlike his Russian counterpart, President Vladimir V. Putin, also has to contend with a lively free press that delights in probing and exposing government stumbles and the maneuvers of self-dealing insiders.Continue reading the main story“Ukraine, with the exception of the Baltic States, is the only post-Soviet republic which is not authoritarian,” said Serhii Plokhii, a Harvard professor and the author of a history of Ukraine. And unlike the three Baltic States, which enjoyed brief periods of independence between the First and Second World Wars, Ukraine has only an acute awareness of centuries of subjugation by outside powers, among them Poland, Austria and Russia, that left its people inherently wary of authority.“What is Ukraine’s national idea […]

Connect the dots with Mojuhlar flatpack furniture

And it is all held together with sex bolts. […]

Wallace modular shelving offers flexible, mix-and-match storage option

Using a cool French cleat at the back, this creative storage system lets you store as much — or as little — as you want on your walls, without the hassle of anchors and stud-finders. […]

Jellyfish swarm clogs nuclear reactor

Tons of jellyfish clog a water intake pipe at the Oskarshamn power plant in Sweden, forcing operators to shut down the reactor. […]

The milk crate gets a makeover by Combo Colab

They turn the classic box into a modular furniture system at the Design Mart at ICFF […]

Plankton May Be Better Equipped to Survive Ocean Acidification Than Previously Though

A phytoplankton bloom in the Baltic sea near the island of Gotland.; Photo by Remus Shepherd via Flickr CC Ocean acidification, or the changing of the pH balance of the ocean as it absorbs ever more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, is a serious threat to many forms of sea life. […]