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Urban ‘shrooming: This startup is putting mini mushroom farms inside restaurants

The urban farming scene is diversifying, and instead of growing veggies and greens, Smallhold is fruiting fungi in minifarms located right in the restaurants where they’ll be served. […]

Cyborg bacteria turn carbon dioxide into chemicals and fuels with zero waste

Forget about Tony Stark or the Bionic Man, the real cyborg action starts with microscopic swamp creatures […]

Don’t rely on sunscreen alone this summer

Sunscreen is important for protecting your skin from the sun, but it shouldn’t be the only thing you use. […]

Epic photos taken while swimming in a superpod of whales

Underwater photographer Tony Wu found himself amidst a rare and enormous gathering of sperm whales; his photos are out of this world. […]

Beyond the Cage – Alana Sapphire

Beyond the Cage Alana Sapphire Genre: Contemporary Publish Date: March 22, 2016 Publisher: Alana Sapphire Seller: Draft2Digital, LLC Sometimes silence is not golden… **JASMINE** MMA champ, Cameron 'K.O.' Jackson, is the embodiment of every woman's dream man. He's smart, tall, dark, and handsome, with a bad boy twist. The only problem is, this Prince Charming doesn't talk. That's right. He acknowledges he can, he just…doesn't. The night I met him, his beauty turned my brain to mush. Then, he kissed me, and my world tilted on its axis. He was a distraction, something I didn't need being twenty-two years old and pre-med. Besides, I had no business even thinking about a violent MMA fighter, so I walked away with no intention of seeing him again. Apparently, he had other plans. He tracked me down, and I brushed all my objections aside, diving head first into a relationship because he intrigued me. As I get to know him, I learn he's not the psychotic killer I thought he was, but the more I'm with him, it seems the less I know. He's a conundrum – scary fighter and gentle giant; public figure, private man. Mystery surrounds him and no one is more curious than I am. Well, you know the saying – 'curiosity killed the cat'. Cameron's world is dangerous, and I'm about to learn firsthand. When it breaks down my door, will he be able to save me? ***REVISED AS OF 8/15/2016***  Intended for mature audiences. […]

Magical wintry landscapes shows what fairytales are made of (video)

Castles, frozen lakes and steam trains in the snowy forest star in this stunning 97-second drone film. […]

Shattered Palms – Toby Neal

Shattered Palms Toby Neal Genre: Action & Adventure Publish Date: December 6, 2015 Publisher: Toby Neal Seller: Draft2Digital, LLC ***From a USA-Today bestselling author whose writing Kirkus calls, "Masterful. Persistently riveting."*** Maui is lush mountains, cloud forest and exquisite birdsong—but for Detective Lei Texeira, murder shatters the peace of paradise. Someone is stalking poachers that are capturing Maui’s rarest birds, and Lei pursues the case with her usual leap-first, look-later style—but will she be able to catch a killer, save the birds, and still make it to her own wedding? Shattered Palms is a roller coaster ride from the top of Haleakala to the beach and back again, with extinction at stake. “Toby Neal creates a captivating balance of the beauty of the islands contrasted with the ugliness of murder, complicated by the trials of Lei’s love life. A must-read.” Thomas K. Matthews, author of Rejection. […]