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An urban ag co-working space grows in Brooklyn

NYC is home to a new collaborative working & learning space for sustainable food and urban agriculture ventures. […]

Earth at night is dazzling (and disturbing)

NASA’s latest satellite images showing how we’ve lit up the planet are a thing of wonder. […]

A big church tries to deal with its big carbon footprint

In an era of shrinking congregations, it’s hard to think big about the environment, but the United Church of Canada is certainly trying. […]

Artist’s fresh ceramic plant sculptures bloom with hundreds of petals

Love plants but don’t have a green thumb? Ceramic sculptures might be a good idea. […]

Twelve Days (The McRaes Series – Book 1) – Teresa Hill

Twelve Days (The McRaes Series – Book 1)Sam & RachelTeresa Hill Genre: Contemporary Publish Date: October 1, 2001 Publisher: Teresa Hill Seller: Teresa Hill Twelve Days before Christmas, Rachel McRae opens her front door and a social worker puts a baby in her arms-one who comes with a four-year-old boy and an eleven-year-old girl-siblings abandoned and in need of a temporary home. But there’s a catch: Rachel’s family is falling apart. Rachel and her husband, Sam, have dreamed of a house filled with children-a dream that has led them to repeated heartbreak. Sam McRae has finally decided the only thing left to do is leave his wife. Reluctantly, Rachel and Sam take the children in, but just until after Christmas. They will do their best not to fall in love with them, not to get their hopes up that this time a miracle will happen. That these children will stay, and that their marriage can still be saved. Limited Time Only: Includes a bonus novella, Everything to Me (Prequel), which introduces Teresa’s new, serialized YA/NA romance. AWARDS: Three-time RITA Finalist THE McRAES in series order: Twelve Days Edge of Heaven Bed of Lies Five Days Grace Hero of My Heart MEET TERESA HILL Three-time Rita nominee and USA Today bestselling author, Teresa Hill lives in the shadows of the Blue Ridge Mountains with a patient, very understanding husband, an incredibly logical son and a highly creative daughter. Together, they share their home with two giant, lazy cats who parade across Teresa’s keyboard when they think she’s written enough for the day, and two beautiful, lazy dogs, usually at Teresa’s side or under her feet. […]

These adorable birds patiently wait in line to repeatedly woo a single she-bird

The super civilized courting by male blue manakins is as humorous as it is mesmerizing. […]

Blue Mountains National Park and My Alma Mater Offer Respite from ‘Kakistocracy’

When was the last time you were in a place so quiet that you could hear a hummingbird’s wings as it buzzed past you? Have you ever had a living jewel in the form of a Doctor Bird come close and inspect you? By extreme good fortune, I had the privilege of returning to my native land Jamaica, to keynote the 75th anniversary service of my high school February 2. I met the hummingbirds in our friend’s lavish gardens that make up the bulk of her estate where we stayed. I relished the opportunity to remove myself from the kakistocracy (government in which the worst persons are in power) that my adopted country unfortunately resembles at this point. I took refuge in the Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park and sojourned among the orioles and tanagers zooming down from the treetops in the dense forest. I communed in feelings of timelessness, evolution and the natural order of things.Capturing a moment with Ranger Ryan Love at the Holywell entrance to the Blue Mountains National Park on our birding tour last Saturday […]