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New York Today: New York Today: How to Watch the Solar Eclipse

Weather.init(); }()); The weather’s on our side today: dazzling blue skies on the docket, with a high near 89. Thank you for your cooperation, Mother Nature. (Until tonight, at least — there’s a small chance of thunderstorms as we head back to bed.) In the News • State officials are trying to protect the Blue Hole in the Catskills, a once-tranquil swimming site that has been overrun by crowds since gaining internet fame. [New York Times] Photo The freshwater pool recently began drawing up to 1,000 visitors a day, a state official said […]

For Gunman at Bronx Hospital, Fleeting Success and Persistent Strife

Dr. Bello stood out among the shelter residents because of his neat dress, which consisted of slacks, button-down shirts and stylish glasses. […]

Doctors Work Furiously in Bid to Save Victims of Hospital Rampage

With gunfire thundering through the hospital, doctors dragged their colleagues and patients out of harm’s way and put them on elevators.PhotoPolice officers responding to the reports of an active shooter at the hospital on Friday.Credit Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images“Wherever the doctors found them, they grabbed them, took them out,” Dr. Sridhar Chilimuri, Bronx-Lebanon’s physician in chief, said on Saturday. “The active shooting was still happening while we had them in the operating room. It’s pretty remarkable how well everybody functioned.”Had doctors and nurses not treated the victims where they fell, those who were shot might not have lived.By Saturday, two victims — those with the brain and liver injuries — remained in critical condition, while the rest had been stabilized. The victim with the liver wound was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan for specialized surgery. The victim with the head wound was expected to remain at Bronx-Lebanon.Dr […]

Gunman Kills Doctor and Himself in Bronx Hospital Shooting; 6 Others Hurt

A disgruntled doctor armed with an AR-15 rifle and wearing a lab coat went on a rampage on Friday in the Bronx hospital where he had worked, killing a female doctor and wounding six other people — five of them seriously — before setting himself on fire and shooting himself in the head, the authorities said.The furious attack by the doctor — identified by the police as Henry Bello, 45 — sent workers at the hospital, Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center, diving behind desks and doors as gunshots and smoke filled the hallways of a place devoted to healing. Witnesses described medical workers’ ripping a fire hose from the wall to use as a tourniquet on one victim’s leg, while others recalled the horrific sight of the gunman, his torso aflame, running down a hallway.Dr. Bello had a troubled past, having worked at the hospital for about six months before quitting after being accused of sexual harassment, officials said. And years earlier, he was arrested and charged with sexual abuse after assaulting a woman in Manhattan.The attack appeared to be the type of mass shooting by a lone gunman that has struck communities around the United States.PhotoHenry Bello“He’s shooting! He’s shooting!” one woman yelled in the frantic initial moments of the afternoon assault, as recounted by a mother in the pediatric emergency room who had cowered with her five children, ages 1 to 10.Some believed that the death toll would have been far higher had the shooting occurred anywhere but where it did — a hospital filled with state-of-the-art medical equipment, and with doctors and nurses who rushed to victims and performed triage where they fell, in staircases and hallways, even as the gunman was still at large.“The situation unfolded in the middle of a place that people associate with care and comfort,” Mayor Bill de Blasio told reporters outside the hospital, on the Grand Concourse in the Claremont Village neighborhood. The gunman acted alone, Mr. de Blasio said, adding that it appeared to be a workplace dispute that ended when the gunman committed suicide — “but not before having done horrible damage,” the mayor said.The police did not identify the victim, other than as a woman and a doctor. The five seriously injured patients were “fighting for their lives,” said the police commissioner, James P. […]

It’s Harder to Breathe with White Privilege in the Air

Image by Bronx Climate Justice North The South Bronx is notorious for its high rates of asthma among racial minorities as a result of their proximity to sources of air pollution. The combination of the poverty-stricken area and historical displacement exposed people of color to health hazards that are rooted in discrimination and negligence. The truth behind the urban landscape of the South Bronx is an irony. Despite being the most open borough with green spaces in New York City, the South Bronx has been subjected to more environmental hazards than other boroughs. The area has transformed into a space for urban decay and toxic waste. In fact, the biggest waste stations in NYC are located there and two of them include: New York Organic Fertilization Complex and Browning Ferris Industries Medical Waste Incinerator. These waste stations are located close to residential neighborhoods and, since there is no direct access from the highways to the industrial areas, diesel trucks travel on local streets to get from Bruckner Expressway to designated places in the South Bronx like Hunts Point Peninsula. Air quality for residents is therefore significantly lower and more dangerous than other parts of the city because trucks are continuously entering the residential area from the Bruckner Expressway multiple times during the day […]

Bronx artist transforms discarded plastic into playful sculptures

Daniel Lanzilotta sees his artistic practice as a means of raising awareness about plastic pollution. […]

Nature Anatomy is a charming guide for the urban naturalist

A pull between city life and the slower pace of nature inspired author and illustrator Julia Rothmans to create “Nature Anatomy.” […]