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This funky foldable e-bike fits into a backpack

But do you really need an electric micro-bike? […]

This tiny folding e-bike has a 45 mile range, and doesn’t need to be pedaled

The Weebot Aero completely dispenses with the need to pedal in order to get around town, and is more like a foldable sit-down electric scooter than a bicycle. […]

Get MOAR from this 85-mile range fat tire folding e-bike

The revolution in electric bikes is bringing cyclists & would-be two-wheelers a whole lotta choices for e-mobility, and the MOAR e-bike adds a folding feature to a monster fat tire bicycle. […]

Tired of riding wet in the rain? This bike canopy and fairing might be the answer

They call it a bike umbrella, but it’s more like a removable windshield. Either way, it looks like a great cycling accessory. […]

Ebook offers plans for fast, simple, and scalable DIY solar-plus-battery system

It’s a tiny power plant for a tiny home! This forthcoming ebook promises to help you build a standalone solar power station for hyperlocal clean energy generation. […]

This smart sprinkler controller optimizes watering schedules based on soil moisture and weather predictions

Designed specifically for SmartThings, this connected device replaces “dumb” irrigation controllers and brings smart home functionality to your yard. […]

ShowerSaver tracks and displays water usage, guilts you out of the shower

This little gadget goes beyond just setting a timer to limit water use — it also helps educate the whole family on wise water use. […]