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Article 155: The ‘Nuclear Option’ That Could Let Spain Seize Catalonia

The article allows the government to intervene in one of Spain’s regions if its autonomous government “fails to fulfill the obligations imposed upon it by the Constitution or other laws, or acts in a way seriously prejudicing the general interests of Spain.”It is such a broad instrument that its use has been considered only once before, in 1989, when Felipe González, the Socialist prime minister, threatened to wield it against the Canary Islands to force it to comply with tax obligations.The second part of Article 155 calls upon the government to “issue instructions” to restore constitutional order, which is why legal experts are also now debating how Mr. Rajoy’s government could use Article 155 to seize back power in Catalonia if faced with a full-blown insurrection.Given the lack of precedent, however, Mr. Rajoy starts with a blank canvas. He could make Article 155 as broad or narrow as he wishes, as well as keep its measures in place for as long as he deems necessary.One option may be to use it to suspend from office Catalonia’s political leadership, starting with Mr. Puigdemont, but also including other lawmakers and to dissolve the Catalan Parliament to force early elections.Mr. Rajoy and his government could also suspend other Catalan officials across the region’s public administration, from the leadership of the Catalan autonomous police force to the directorship of the Catalan public television and radio broadcaster.How quickly will Article 155 be used?Following his cabinet meeting, Mr. Rajoy must follow a parliamentary procedure that culminates in a plenary vote in the Senate. […]

Barcelona: A Global City in the Eye of a Separatist Storm

“If Catalonia remains in Spain, I will continue to support Barça,” Mr. Toledano said by telephone. “In the case of independence, I would stop doing it because I want to give my support to a Spanish team that plays in the league of my country.”This kind of tension has led some to fear that the independence debate has turned Barcelona into a less tolerant and more parochial city.“Barcelona is a mixture of different people who speak different languages and came from different places,” Mr […]

All the details about yök Casa + Cultura’s office in Barcelona

We are still eco-renovating! Here is what we did to our office, a top floor space in the heart of Barcelona. Insulation, energy-saving devices and non-toxic, recycled materials are key. […]

Venezuela’s Coming Election: Behind the Story

TIME’s Latin America correspondent, Tim Padgett, talks about the growing discontent with President Hugo Chávez in Venezuela’s barrios and how he reported his magazine story on the possible end of Chávez’s hold on power […]

Billboard Chart Decoded: ‘Gangnam Style’ Versus Maroon 5

* […]

Israel Dials Down Threat to Bomb Iran–for Now

* […]

How Personal Finance Will Shape the Education Revolution

How Personal Finance Will Shape the Education Revolution […]