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Report: Trump Dumped Christie Over Phone Germs

Chris Christie fell completely out of Donald Trump’s favor when the New Jersey governor arranged to have President Obama call Christie’s cellphone to congratulate Trump on election night, according to a just-released book about Trump, Steve Bannon, and the campaign. “‘Hey, Chris, you know my fucking phone number,” Trump told Christie, according to the book, Devil’s Bargain, by Bloomberg Businessweek reporter Joshua Green […]

New Jersey Beaches Reopen, but Christie Catches More Heat

“I probably lost $1,000 just in tips alone,” said Gail Swayze, a bartender.By Tuesday, she had come up with a way to celebrate the end of the shutdown, offering a $5 cocktail special called the Christie Crush, a blend of vodka, triple sec and orange slices.Continue reading the main storyWhat did the name mean, exactly?“Crush him, like get him out of office,” said John Zaccara, the bar’s bouncer.The budget had largely been held up by Mr. Christie’s demand that the state’s largest health insurer, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield, hand over $300 million of its reserves to finance an opioid treatment program.The Democratic president of the State Senate, Mr. Christie’s longtime ally Stephen M. Sweeney, had gone along with Mr. […]

Chris Christie Hits a Closed State Beach, and Kicks Up a Fury

The pictures of the governor lounging in the sand with his wife, Mary Pat, and other family members prompted a torrent of criticism and mockery on social media.For some, Mr. Christie’s defense of the visit called to mind other choice moments from the brash governor’s years in office, like when he told a law student to “shut up” in 2012 when being questioned about the merging of two units of the state university system.Even a Twitter account that satirizes the Chinese government’s propaganda efforts got into the act.After leaving the beach, Mr. Christie held a news conference in Trenton, where he was asked whether he had gotten some sun that day.“I didn’t,” he said, according to The Star-Ledger. “I didn’t get any sun today.”But his spokesman, Brian Murray, recalibrated after being told of the existence of the photos, saying, “The governor was on the beach briefly.”“He did not get any sun,” Mr. […]

Going to a New Jersey State Park or Beach? Not This Holiday Weekend

Across the state, confusion blended with anger. Public golf courses were flooded with calls from frantic golfers wondering whether their tee times were off (they were not). Social media was awash with worries about the casinos (they remained opened), the racetracks (those, too) and the courthouses (closed). The governor’s office released a full list of affected agencies at midnight.Continue reading the main storyThe shutdown stems from a brinkmanship between Mr. Christie, who is a Republican, and Vincent Prieto, the speaker of the State Assembly and a Democrat. Mr. Christie is demanding that the $34.7 billion state budget include a provision requiring that Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield spend some of its reserve fund on public health initiatives — particularly the governor’s drug treatment initiative. Absent that provision, Mr. Christie has threatened to veto any budget that lawmakers send him.Prospects for any progress on the budget negotiations in Trenton appeared dim on Saturday, as the same caustic tone that marked the deadlock persisted into the weekend. Protesters, reporters and members of the State Assembly were greeted at the Statehouse by hundreds of signs plastered on doors and walls with a picture of a smiling Mr […]

Make Him Wild (Intoxicating Book 1) – Christie Ridgway

Make Him Wild (Intoxicating Book 1)Christie Ridgway Genre: Contemporary Publish Date: June 17, 2016 Publisher: Christie Ridgway Seller: Christie Ridgway From award-winning and USA Today bestselling author Christie Ridgway comes the Intoxicating trilogy—about three sisters determined to save the historic family winery. Along the way they find three sexy and handsome men who first make them breathless with desire and finally drunk on love. Note: This book was previously published. In Make Him Wild, youngest Baci sister Alessandra plans to renovate an old cottage at the Tanti Baci winery into the perfect wedding destination. But when her contractor bugs out and she can’t find other reliable help, she’s forced to turn to Penn Bennett, the star of a popular renovation TV show. But the man makes her crazy and makes her feel in ways that someone known as the “Nun of Napa” has no business feeling… Penn Bennett has good reason to steer clear of women, but when he’s roped into Alessandra’s project he finds the dark-haired Baci girl irresistible. It’s all fun and games in his mind—after all, he’s just a temporary visitor to the Napa Valley—but as the sawdust settles, he sees clearly into his own heart and finds himself very serious indeed about the enticing beauty. Note: This book was previously published as Crush on You. This edition includes some extras. Other books in the Intoxicating series: Make Him Want (Intoxicating #2) Make Him Stay (Intoxicating #3) Praise for Christie Ridgway:  “Ridgway rocks romance!”–Bella Andre, New York Times and USA Today Bestseller  “Christie Ridgway writes a sizzling combination of heat and heart.”–Barbara Freethy, #1 New York Times Bestseller “Sexy, sassy, funny, and cool, this effervescent sizzler nicely launches Ridgway’s new series.” Library Journal “Emotional and powerful…everything a romance reader could hope for.” – Publishers Weekly starred review (for Bungalow Nights)  “Contemporary romance at its best.” Booklist , starred review (for Can’t Hurry Love) About the Author Christie Ridgway is the author of over fifty novels of contemporary romance. All her books are both sexy and emotional and tell about heroes and heroines who learn to believe in the power of love. A USA Today bestseller, Christie is a six-time RITA finalist and has won best contemporary romance of the year and career achievement awards from Romantic Times Book Reviews . A native of California, Christie now resides in the southern part of the state with her family. Inspired by the beaches, mountains, and cities that surround her, she writes tales of sunny days and steamy nights. […]

Trump’s VP shortlist looks like him, sounds like him on climate

Jeepers Veepers

Trump’s VP shortlist looks like him, sounds like him on climate

By on Jul 12, 2016Share

Donald Trump has reportedly narrowed his vice presidential candidates to a short list of five men, plus “two that are unknown to anybody.” The five known candidates’ environmental records are about what you’d expect considering their potential boss once referred to climate change as a Chinese hoax. Here they are:

Mike Pence, Governor of Indiana

Pence is an Evangelical Christian and Creationist who once told Chris Matthews that the science on climate change is “very mixed.” Last year, 22 scientists wrote Pence an open letter offering to help Indiana address its unique challenges due to climate change. Pence did not take them up on it, but he signed Indiana up to help derail Obama’s Clean Power Plan.

Chris Christie, Governor of New Jersey

In the midst of his own bid for the presidential nomination, the New Jersey governor referred to Trump as a “carnival barker,” a “13-year-old,” and “thin-skinned.” Then Christie endorsed him. He’s had a similar approach to climate change. Although Christie says there is “no use in denying global warming exists,” he contradicts himself by not wanting to do anything about it.

Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House

Gingrich used to think Congress should address climate change — as seen in the bizarro commercial with Nancy Pelosi embedded below. But apparently he changed his mind sometime after 2008. Last year, he criticized the Paris climate summit in the Washington Times, writing, “Nothing that happens there will affect the climate. Wishes don’t power the global economy; fossil fuels do.”

When Gingrich ran for president in 2012, he promised $2.50 gas if the U.S. approved the Keystone XL pipeline and opened the Gulf of Mexico to unrestricted drilling. Since then, gas prices have come down just fine without President Gingrich.

Mike Flynn, retired Army lieutenant general

The 33-year army veteran who briefly served as the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency in the Obama administration is a registered Democrat — or at least he was before Trump started eyeballing him. After the recent mass shooting in Orlando, Flynn attacked Obama for focusing on little matters like climate change. “And here we have the President of the United States up in Canada talking about climate change,” Flynn said. “I mean, God, we just had the largest attack … on our own soil in Orlando. Why aren’t we talking about that?”

Jeff Sessions, Alabama Senator

Ranked one of the most conservative members of Congress, Sessions was the first senator to endorse Donald Trump. He’s also hardliner on immigration and shares Trump’s affinity for making racist comments. Sessions has repeatedly insisted that there’s been “almost no warming” in the past 25 years, contrary to all the evidence otherwise. But while Sessions may not accept climate change, the good news is he does believe in magic.


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