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  • El cisne negro. Nueva edición ampliada y revisada - Nassim Nicholas Taleb November 22, 2017
    ¿Qué es un cisne negro? Para empezar, es un suceso improbable, sus consecuencias son importantes y todas las explicaciones que se puedan ofrecer a posteriori no tienen en cuenta el azar y sólo buscan encajar lo imprevisible en un modelo perfecto. El éxito de Google y You Tube, y hasta ell 11-S, son “cisnes negros”. Para Nassim Nicholas Taleb, los cisnes negr […]
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  • La teoría del todo - Stephen W. Hawking November 22, 2017
    Una manera clara y amena de acercarse a los misterios del universo. En esta esclarecedora obra, el gran físico británico Stephen Hawking nos ofrece una historia del universo, del big bang a los agujeros negros. En siete pasos, Hawking logra explicar la historia del universo, desde las primeras teorías del mundo griego y de la época medieval hasta las más com […]
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  • La física del futuro - Michio Kaku November 22, 2017
    Un recorrido asombroso a través de los próximos cien años de revolución científica. El futuro ya se está inventando en los laboratorios de los científicos más punteros de todo el mundo. Con toda probabilidad, en 2100 controlaremos los ordenadores a través de diminutos sensores cerebrales y podremos mover objetos con el poder de nuestras mentes, la inteligenc […]
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  • Física General Esencial - Agustín Vázquez Sánchez November 22, 2017
    La nueva edición del ebook contiene ahora ocho temas completos de física y una sección de prácticas para realizar en casa. Se han corregido errores y agregado más ejemplos y ejercicios además de recursos multimedia en todos los capítulos.  Los ejemplos resueltos se presentan paso a paso a través de una solución algebraica con lo cual se evitan errores n […]
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  • Ágilmente - Estanislao Bachrach November 22, 2017
    Bachrach es Doctor en biología molecular y explica el funcionamiento del cerebro. A través de ello, da consejos y herramientas para ser más creativos y felices en el trabajo y en la vida. La neurociencia es clara: el cerebro aprende hasta el último día de vida. La creatividad puede expandirse. Tu mente, mediante la aplicación de las técnicas correctas, puede […]
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  • Tricks Any Dog Can Do! - Susan Day November 22, 2017
    This great book comes with advice and guidance as to the best way to teach these tricks. It offers more than one method which the reader can choose depending upon their own situation. There is also advice to using treats and shows you how to not end up with a treat junkie! This books is from the desk of Susan Day, a canine behaviourist. Susan teaches obedien […]
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  • Sobre la teoría de la relatividad especial y general - Albert Einstein November 22, 2017
    Entre el Electromagnetismo y la Mecánica newtoniana existe una fórmula de bisagra: la teoría de la relatividad especial y general. La importancia del nuevo marco planteado por Albert Einstein se entiende por lo siguiente: la percepción del tiempo y el espacio es relativa al observador. ¿Qué significa esto? Si usted viaja a una velocidad mayor que la de la lu […]
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  • EnCambio - Estanislao Bachrach November 22, 2017
    EnCambio te va a permitir alumbrar los procesos por los cuales te comportás de determinada manera con el fin de dejar atrás aquellos hábitos y conductas que ya no te sirven. El objetivo es que aprendas del potencial que tiene tu cerebro para cambiar y la capacidad que tenés vos para modificarlo. Este año cambio de trabajo, empiezo el gimnasio, bajo esos kili […]
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  • Breve historia de mi vida - Stephen Hawking November 22, 2017
    La mente maravillosa de Stephen Hawking ha deslumbrado al mundo entero revelando los misterios del universo. Ahora, por primera vez, el cosmólogo más brillante de nuestra era explora, con una mirada reveladora, su propia vida y evolución intelectual. Breve historia de mi vida cuenta el sorprendente viaje de Stephen Hawking desde su niñez […]
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  • ¿Cómo pensar como Sherlock Holmes? - Maria Konnikova November 22, 2017
    Ningún personaje de ficción es más conocido por sus poderes de intuición y observación que Sherlock Holmes. Pero, ¿es su inteligencia extraordinaria una invención de la ficción o podemos aprender a desarrollar estas habilidades, para mejorar nuestras vidas en el trabajo y en casa? A través de ¿ Cómo pensar como Sherlock Holmes? , la periodista y psicóloga Ma […]
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Kids need better toys, but they also need freedom to play

Toy innovation has stagnated in recent years and kids are bored. Who’s at fault? […]

The Forgotten Child – Lorhainne Eckhart

The Forgotten Child Lorhainne Eckhart Genre: Western Publish Date: March 13, 2015 Publisher: Lorhainne Eckhart Publishing Seller: Lorhainne Ekelund How do you tell a man there is something wrong with his child?     “This is by far one of the best books I have read. Lorhainne Eckhart proved herself yet again by pulling you in with a heartfelt story and keeping your attention with the passion that fills the pages.”? —? ROMANCE JUNKIES     “A Real Tear Jerker: Omg, I loved this book. I stayed up all night trying to finish it. I cried, My heart broke, I have an 18 year old with autism. This would make a fabulous movie.” Reviewer – Tammy     “Brilliant, there is no other word for it, heart grabbing, heart warming, gut wrenching, well written well researched, wanted to read it over & over again." ? Maureen     BLACK RAVEN'S REVIEWS ?— ?“Ms. Eckhart has crafted a delightful story with engaging characters, enough drama for a Hallmark movie, and enough unconditional love to last a lifetime.”—Rated 5 Ravens and a Recommended Read by AJ!—     In? THE FORGOTTEN CHILD , Brad Friessen wasn't looking to love again. But what he got was a woman who shook his lonely bitter world upside down, and touched him in a way no other woman could.    Emily Nelson, a courageous young mother, ends a loveless, bitter marriage and strikes out on her own. She answers an ad as a cook and live-in caregiver to a three-year-old boy on a local ranch. Ranch owner Brad Friessen hires and moves in Emily and her daughter. But Emily soon discovers something's seriously wrong with the boy, and the reclusive, difficult man who hired her can't see the behavior and how delayed his son is. So Emily researches until she stumbles across what she suspects are the soft signs of autism. Now she must tell him, give him hope, and help him come to terms with this neurological disorder—to take the necessary steps to get his child the help he needs.    As their lives become intertwined, their attraction is unavoidable—a connection sparks between them. But just as they're getting close, Brad's estranged wife, Crystal, returns after abandoning the family two years earlier. Among the shock and confusion is one disturbing question Brad can't shake: How does Crystal know so much of his personal business, the inner working of the ranch, and Emily's relationship with his son?    Crystal must've had a plan, as she somehow gains the upper hand, driving a wedge in the emotional bond forged between Brad, Emily, and the children. The primary focus for care and therapy of three-year-old Trevor is diverted. The lengths to which Crystal will go, the lies, the greed, just to keep what's hers, are nothing short of cold and calculating. Emily's forced out of the house. Brad fights to save his boy, to protect what's his, and struggles over his greatest sacrifice—Emily, and the haunting question: Has he lost her forever?    More Praise…     “I have a child who has been diagnosed on the autism spectrum and this book, though briefly, touched on the symptoms! It made me cry and laugh! Your child, no matter the circumstance, comes first!”     “A wonderful love story that not only is about the unconditional love between a man and woman, but an unconditional heart -filled love for a special child.”     “I don’t normally read romance books, but this has changed my opinion. Very well written and hard to put down.”     This edition INCLUDES FREE bonus novella A BABY AND A WEDDING Read THE OUTSIDER SERIES in order now spanning three series: ?  The Forgotten Child (Brad & Emily)?  A Baby And A Wedding (An Outsider Series Short)?  Fallen Hero (Andy, Jed & Diana)?  The Search (An Outsider Series Short)?  The Awakening (Andy & Laura)?  Secrets (Jed & Diana)?  Runaway (Andy & Laura) Overdue (An Outsider Series Short) The Unexpected Storm (Neil & Candy) The Wedding (Neil, Candy & The Friessen Family) The Friessens: A New Beginning? The Deadline (Andy and Laura) The Price to Love (Neil and Candy) A Different Kind of Love (Brad and Emily) A Vow of Love, A Friessen Family Christmas The Friessens? The Reunion The Bloodline (Andy & Laura) The Promise (Diana & Jed) The Business Plan (Neil & Candy) The Decision (Brad & Emily) First Love (Katy) Family First Leave the Light On Don't miss the new spinoff series coming January 2017 – The McCabe Brothers […]

A Time To Give – Kathryn Shay

A Time To Give Kathryn Shay Genre: Contemporary Publish Date: January 19, 2017 Publisher: Ocean View Books Seller: Mary C. Schaefer What does an unexpected baby bring? A marriage of convenience? A reconciliation? A rejection like no other? NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author Kathryn Shay delivers an emotional series, About the Baby, filled with sizzling romance, heartfelt pregnancy and baby scenes, and a unique look at the healing power of forgiveness. In a TIME TO GIVE, Ben Cassidy has lost everything. A former CEO of a company he built and benefactor of a soup kitchen he started, he was tricked by an unethical vulture capitalist who cheated him out of everything. Ben hit the skids, but now is trying to get his act together. He allows himself to go to the soup kitchen as a guest once a week because it’s the single thing left of his accomplishments. Emily is a volunteer at the soup kitchen and attracted to Ben from day one. But she suppresses her feelings because he’s a guest. For months, she keeps her distance but one night, when she gives him a ride home, they end up in bed together. That one encounter changes everything between them until Ben learns two things: she’s the daughter of the man who destroyed him. And she’s also pregnant. Follow these two people in their struggle to accept each other, their circumstances and the deep attraction they share. Poignant scenes involving all the characters reveal how difficult it is to repair broken promises and unrealized dreams. If you like stories about secret babies, reunion of lost loves, and wounded heroes, follow the full series, which can be read in any order: A TIME TO GIVE, Book 1, JUST ONE NIGHT, Book 2, BE MY BABIES, Book 3. *Originally published in 2005, this book has been revised, updated and modernized. Reader praise: “Writers like Kathryn Shay are the reason why I buy romances. She has the unique talent of inviting a reader to get lost in the pages of her stories. One of the things that always draws me to any Kathryn Shay's books is the fact that her characters always feel real.” “The dynamic of Emily being torn between her father and husband gives depth to an already well-written love story.” “A TIME TO GIVE has all the stuff of a delicious Christmas love story.” […]

Fielder’s Choice – Pamela Aares

Fielder’s ChoicePamela Aares Genre: Contemporary Publish Date: April 21, 2014 Publisher: SeaStar Press Seller: SeaStar Press All-Star shortstop Matt Darrington has more than a problem. His wife died, and now he’s juggling a too-smart-for-her-britches six-year-old and the grueling pace of professional baseball. Worse, his daughter is mom shopping. When they explore a local ranch, she decides the beautiful, free-spirited tour guide is premium mom material. Matt thinks the sexy guide looks like Grade-A trouble. Alana Tavonesi loves her cosmopolitan life in Paris. But when she inherits the renowned Tavonesi Olive Ranch, she has to return to California and face obligations she never wanted. Selling the place is her first instinct, but life at the ranch begins to crack her open, exposing the dreams hidden inside her heart. On a lark she leads a ranch tour, where she meets Matt Darrington. His physical power and a captivating sensual appeal fire her in a way no man ever has, but he has a kid—and being a stepmom is a responsibility Alana will never be ready for. Still… she can’t keep her mind or her hands off him. When Matt’s daughter goes missing from a kid’s camp at the ranch, Alana organizes the search effort, knowing from experience the areas a bright child would be drawn to explore. As she and Matt work together to search for the little girl, Alana discovers that father and daughter have won her heart. Yet it may be too late for love… Author’s Note: While each book in the Tavonesi series can be read as a standalone, you may enjoy all the books in the Tavonesi Series: Love Bats Last (Book #1) Jackie and Alex Thrown By Love (Book #2) Chloe and Scotty Fielder’s Choice (Book #3) Alana and Matt Love on the Line (Book #4) Cara and Ryan Aim for Love (Book #5) Sabrina and Kaz The Heart of the Game (Book #6) Cody and Zoe Love in the Vineyard (Book #7) Natasha and Adrian A Very Daring Christmas (Book #8) Jake and Cameron No Stranger to Love (Book #9) Juliet and Parker Until Love Finds You (Book #10) Evan and Coco […]

Twelve Days (The McRaes Series – Book 1) – Teresa Hill

Twelve Days (The McRaes Series – Book 1)Sam & RachelTeresa Hill Genre: Contemporary Publish Date: October 1, 2001 Publisher: Teresa Hill Seller: Teresa Hill Twelve Days before Christmas, Rachel McRae opens her front door and a social worker puts a baby in her arms-one who comes with a four-year-old boy and an eleven-year-old girl-siblings abandoned and in need of a temporary home. But there’s a catch: Rachel’s family is falling apart. Rachel and her husband, Sam, have dreamed of a house filled with children-a dream that has led them to repeated heartbreak. Sam McRae has finally decided the only thing left to do is leave his wife. Reluctantly, Rachel and Sam take the children in, but just until after Christmas. They will do their best not to fall in love with them, not to get their hopes up that this time a miracle will happen. That these children will stay, and that their marriage can still be saved. Limited Time Only: Includes a bonus novella, Everything to Me (Prequel), which introduces Teresa’s new, serialized YA/NA romance. AWARDS: Three-time RITA Finalist THE McRAES in series order: Twelve Days Edge of Heaven Bed of Lies Five Days Grace Hero of My Heart MEET TERESA HILL Three-time Rita nominee and USA Today bestselling author, Teresa Hill lives in the shadows of the Blue Ridge Mountains with a patient, very understanding husband, an incredibly logical son and a highly creative daughter. Together, they share their home with two giant, lazy cats who parade across Teresa’s keyboard when they think she’s written enough for the day, and two beautiful, lazy dogs, usually at Teresa’s side or under her feet. […]

The White House Keeps Tripping Up on the Truth. President Trump Doesn’t Seem to Mind

Mike Pence is not prone to winging it. A lawyer-by-training and cautious politician-by-habit, Pence was preparing for a series of interviews and wanted more information. So Pence, then the Vice President-elect, picked up his phone on Jan. 14 and called up the man who would have the suite of offices next to his in the West Wing. Of incoming National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, Pence asked: What were people talking about when they mentioned Flynn’s conversations with Russia’s Ambassador to Washington? Did Flynn tell Sergey Kislyak that the Trump team would lift the sanctions that President Obama had just put into place, as some were reporting? What happened next showed a developing problem for the Trump Administration, and one that appears it won’t be resolved soon: A culture of misinformation and falsehoods that hurts the White House’s credibility and breeds mistrust among key players inside. Flynn told Pence there was nothing to these rumors. They were merely efforts to hurt the incoming President, Donald Trump, and they would die out. That satisfied Pence, who relayed that message to several news organizations on the weekend before the Trump team assumed power. Pence brushed off the questions as “bizarre rumors that have swirled around” Trump. “I can confirm those elements were not a part of that discussion,” Pence told CBS News’ Face the Nation. Weeks later, Pence was starting to doubt that he fully understood the whole story, or that Flynn was completely forthcoming with facts. Now settling into his office on the western front of the West Wing, with Flynn a few steps away, he started asking his aides to double-check some of Flynn’s assessments. None of the answers left Pence with much confidence. Beyond his faith in God, Pence isn’t one to blindly trust. By Thursday night, Pence knew for sure they had a problem. The Washington Post, based on interviews with nine officials, confirmed Flynn had in fact implied to the Russian Ambassador that the Trump Administration would take a kinder view of Moscow than did President Obama and economic penalties could be eased. Several officials questioned the legality of the communication, seeming to circumvent the still-in-power Obama Administration which had imposed the sanctions in response to Russia’s interference in the 2016 elections. Flynn initially denied that he had made those overtures, both to reporters and to White House colleagues. Later, an aide said Flynn did not recall making them, seeming to soften the absolute denial. Some inside the White House were livid. The Flynn statements that they were merely exchanging Christmas greetings seemed a bit flimsy now. For a White House so bent on discrediting the media, they were facing a problem at home. These errors haunt Administrations, and there seemed to be no consequences. Pence was stewing silently, according to two White House officials who demanded anonymity in order to discuss the sensitive internal matter. One of those officials said Pence had ordered an informal investigation into how and why Flynn had misled the Vice President and, through him, the country. Had Pence been better informed, he could have dodged the questions or obfuscated, rather than put his credibility on the line for an aide who has dragged controversy at his side for a long while. Pence’s reputation as a straight shooter stood to be dinged, so Pence told his aides to spread far and wide that Flynn was responsible for not telling the Vice President the truth. This goes beyond the palace intrigue—and there has been no shortage of that Washington staple in the three weeks since Trump assumed office. Rather, it goes to the very serious questions about how the Trump White House tells its version of truths and then confronts incorrect information that it shares. The Flynn revelations are embarrassing and come after months of speculation about how, exactly, Trump and his advisers view Russia and its leader Vladimir Putin. Just days after moving into the White House, the Wall Street Journal published a bombshell report that Flynn was the target of counterintelligence operations at the FBI, CIA and the National Security Agency over his contacts with Russia. Trump brushed it off at the time. He has a tendency to trust Generals, and Mike Flynn was his kind of General. Even so, White House officials are increasingly impatient with Flynn. “This was not Flynn’s first (screw) up,” one official told TIME. Nor was Pence the only person to get tripped up by trusting Flynn. White House chief of staff Reince Priebus told NBC’s Meet the Press that he had also asked Flynn about the calls with Russia and was assured sanctions did not come up. White House press secretary Sean Spicer, too, had issued denials of reports about Flynn’s calls with the Russians. Both of those individuals trusted Flynn to tell them the truth, and apparently he did not. But the headache goes beyond Flynn, who was in the front row of the formal East Room of the White House when Trump welcome Japanese Prime Minister Abe on Friday and joined the world leaders on a weekend trip to Trump’s Mar-a-Largo estate in Florida. Now, ending its third week of work in the storied West Wing, the Trump team is increasingly tired and having trouble relaying a cogent—and honest—series of facts about its actions in public. The boss with the office shaped like an oval doesn’t much mind the chaos stemming from poor press relations, and Trump’s supporters cheer on efforts to delegitimize the media. “Fake news” is the new way to deride any report that doesn’t champion Trump. Trump has no problem dashing off tweets that are not grounded in facts. But Trump’s aides are not making this easy on themselves. Take White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, who had repeatedly cited the non-existent “Bowling Green Massacre” to justify the Administration’s efforts to ban some immigrants and refugees. (She clarified it later.) She also coined “alternative facts” as a euphemism for her spin on a situation. Spicer invoked an Atlanta terror attack that didn’t happen. (He meant Orlando.) He also was forced to go before the White House briefing room to defend Trump’s unfounded claim that millions of votes were cast illegally in November. “The President does believe that,” Spicer said under repeated questioning. More broadly, there is a deep distrust of what these officials are saying from their perches of power. Conway used a visit to the briefing room to do television interviews—and in the process plugged First Daughter Ivanka Trump’s fashion brand in violation of ethics laws. She and Spicer sparred with CNN over whether she had declined a Sunday show appearance or the cable network had passed her over, while Spicer saw his performance memorably lampooned on Saturday Night Live in a sketch that may have hurt him with his boss. For the moment, Trump has the backs of his aides, including Flynn. Conway apologized to Trump for the Ivanka episode and he accepted it. All three have spent considerable time with the President this week. And officials say Pence is likely to let the Flynn affair pass in coming days. The Vice President simply has too much going on to fret over someone misleading him, and it’s not as though he would ask Trump to pick sides. As the official rightly noted: Flynn can be fired, and Pence cannot. Maybe some of this could be avoided if there were a tweak at the top. The White House is without a communications director, a role with a benign title but one that, in a typical White Houses, plays a vital role in planning the White House’s strategy on press and policy. Spicer has been assuming that portfolio at the moment, but he’s already in a pressure-cooker job with little bandwidth for the tough, long-term planning that the communications czar requires. Conway has been helping out, but there’s little point in sketching out too many details in a White House where the President is messager-in-chief. If Trump wants to continue scripting this drama, perhaps he is the only one who can change this arc. – With reporting by Zeke J. Miller […]

Chemical that gives pine trees their smell could be used to make renewable plastic

The chemical is a waste product of the paper industry. […]