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Protecting Alabama – Susan Stoker

Protecting Alabama Susan Stoker Genre: Suspense Publish Date: October 31, 2014 Publisher: Stoker Aces Production LLC Seller: Stoker Aces Production LLC Alabama didn’t have a good start to life. Emotionally and physically abused by her mama, Alabama spent her high school years in foster care. People let her down, time after time, and she’d learned to rely on only herself.  Christopher “Abe” Powers earned his nickname because he tolerated nothing less than absolute honesty from the people around him. Finding the bar scene stale and having watched his friend and teammate, Wolf, find the woman of his dreams, Abe was determined to find someone to share his life with too.  Alabama and Abe had no idea their paths would cross and their prayers would be answered, but like most things in life, nothing is ever as easy as it seems at first. Two words would change both their lives and they’d have to fight hard for their happy ever after.  […]

How self driving cars might change our cities, and when

Closer than we think? Probably not. […]

Digitally fabricated & handwoven chair revives old weaving techniques

Combining the latest in digital design tools with time-honored rush-weaving techniques, this sculptural chair marries modernity with tradition. […]

New York subway etiquette campaign from the 40s and 50s would play well today

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose. […]

Florida crimethinks "climate change" and "sea-level rise" down the memory hole

It’s 1984 in Florida as language gets Scottawayed. […]

Poll: Majority Of Virginia Voters Support Marijuana Reforms

There is a strong effort underway to reform marijuana laws in Virginia. Senate Bill 686 would decriminalize marijuana possession in Virginia. There is also an effort to try to get medical marijuana legalized in Virginia as well. Almost every national reform organization is lobbying the Virginia Legislature to make changes. A poll that was released […]

Even More Proof That Marijuana Does Not Lower Your IQ

Social media will once again be flooded by legalization activists claiming the relative safety of marijuana as compared to legal drugs like alcohol. According to Christopher Ingraham, a Washington Post reporter, a study done at the University College of London has concluded that marijuana does not lead to lower IQ. This is along with study […]