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A Burst of Gunfire, a Pause, Then Carnage in Las Vegas That Would Not Stop

VideoMass Shooting in Las VegasAt least 59 people were killed and hundreds injured when a gunman opened fire at a country music festival near the Mandalay Bay casino.By CAMILLA SCHICK, DAVE HORN and CHRIS CIRILLO on Publish Date October 2, 2017.Photo by David Becker/Getty Images.Watch in Times Video »embed LAS VEGAS — At first, it sounded like fireworks — a loud, crackling noise. Then the awful realization began to spread, unevenly, through the huge crowd.It dawned on people when they heard screams, when they saw bloodied victims collapse around them, or when others stampeded for the exits, trampling some of the people in their way.Many of the terrified concertgoers followed their instincts and crouched or lay flat, not realizing that they remained exposed to a gunman lodged high above them. Others surged into surrounding streets and buildings, leaving behind debris lost in the panic — drink cups, shoes, and cellphones that kept ringing for hours, as relatives and friends tried to reach their loved ones and find out if they were safe.By sunrise on Monday, the staggering toll at an outdoor country music festival on a cool desert night was becoming clear: at least 59 people killed, the police said, and 527 injured, either by gunfire or in the flight to safety.A lone gunman perched on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino had smashed the windows of his hotel suite with a hammer, taken aim at a crowd of 22,000 people, and committed one of the deadliest mass shootings in American history. Late on Monday, law enforcement officials said they still had no idea what the motive was.The gunman had 17 firearms, including a handgun, in his suite, according to Sheriff Joseph Lombardo of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. And when the police searched the shooter’s house on Monday, “we retrieved in excess of 18 additional firearms, some explosives, and several thousand rounds of ammo,” Sheriff Lombardo said […]

‘Big Bertha’ is modern school bus conversion that’s home to family of 5 (Video)

Find out why one family found living on a renovated bus to be an appealing tiny-house-on-wheels alternative. […]

Bright tiny house feels like a modern urban loft space

This debut from Liberation Tiny Homes is stylish yet comfortable. […]

California Today: California Today: Silicon Valley, Housing Villain, Tries to Make Amends

require([‘foundation/main’], function() { require([‘nytint/email-subscriber’], function(Subscriber) { Subscriber.setup({ containerId: ‘notification-widget’, productCode: ‘CA’, buttonText: ‘Sign Up’ }); }); }); Those moves come in addition to various individual efforts. Several tech executives, including Jeremy Stoppelman of Yelp and Emmett Shear of Twitch, have given money to housing advocacy groups. […]

Samantha Bee grills Texas legislator on abortion in hilarious, cringe-worthy clip

Samantha Bee grills Texas legislator on abortion in hilarious, cringe-worthy clip

By on 2 Mar 2016 4:54 pmcommentsShare

Happy Texas Independence Day! Seems like the perfect time to celebrate all things Lone Star: chili con queso, Willie Nelson, and limiting women’s access to reproductive health care.

In advance of this oh-so-important holiday, Samantha Bee spoke with Texas state Rep. Dan Flynn (R) on Monday’s Full Frontal, the only late night satirical show hosted by a woman — and, coincidentally, the only late night show in which the host doesn’t get a desk.

Rep. Flynn is the co-author of HB2, the 2013 bill that closed nearly half of Texas’ abortion clinics and whose constitutionality is currently being debated in the Supreme Court. The bill required abortion clinics to perform cost-prohibitive upgrades to meet the standards of ambulatory care centers, which have, among other pretty arbitrary requirements: wide corridors, janitors’ closets of a specified size, separate locker rooms for men and women, and white walls. None of these standards are required for DIY abortions, by the way, which desperate Texan women are increasingly resorting to as their access to actual clinics is heavily limited.

It should come as a surprise to no one that Rep. Flynn doesn’t actually know anything about abortion other than the fact that he is against it. But rather than be honest about his opposition to abortion, Rep. Flynn and his cohort claim HB2 is all about preserving women’s health. “We’re not removing access to health care,” Flynn told Samantha Bee. “We’re improving it.” Because the real threat to women isn’t a lack of access to abortion, it’s lavender walls at the doctor’s office.

If the Supreme Court upholds or fails to rule on HB2, the second-largest state in the Union will be left with only 10 abortion clinics. Already, some women in the state must drive hundreds of miles to find a clinic — which often means they simply never go. And that’s exactly the point, as HB2 co-author Rep. Jason Isaac (R-Texas) told NPR:

“Hopefully,” Isaac said, “they’ll be more preventative and not get pregnant.” Women who live far from a clinic should realize, he said, that, “Hey, that might still be an option legally, but now I live 300 miles away from the nearest place — I should probably be more careful.”

Enjoy your independence, Texas — just kidding! You’re still, unfortunately, part of the United States. And as for women’s rights, well, you just don’t have a whole lot to celebrate.

For more on the connections between reproductive rights and the environment, watch this Grist classic:



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Cradle to Cradle products could be key to a healthy house

C2C products were featured in the Unity Home seen at Greenbuild. […]

Zimbabwe Lifts Hunting Ban After Just Nine Days

A ban on lion, leopard and elephant hunting in Zimbabwe—imposed after global outrage following Cecil the lion’s death—has largely been lifted after only nine days, South African news site news24.com reports, citing a leaked statement from the Zimbabwe Professional Hunters and Guides Association. The statement reportedly says that “following some useful discussions between operators and the relevant Zimbabwean authorities, the suspension [on hunting] has now been uplifted throughout the country.” The ban, put in place on Aug. 2, initially prohibited hunting outside of Hwange National Park and warned that officials would “arrest, prosecute, and ban for life any persons including professional hunters, clients and land owners who are caught on the wrong side of the law.” There are some restrictions still in place, however, according to news24.com. “Collared” animals, like Cecil, are also to be left alone by hunters. [news24.com] […]