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Harvey Victims Face Hurdles, and Maybe Bills, in Getting Aid

PhotoA home in Spring, Tex., north of Houston, was still inundated on Tuesday, more than three days after Hurricane Harvey made landfall.Credit Ilana Panich-Linsman for The New York TimesAs a brutal storm continues to pound the Gulf Coast, tens of thousands of homeowners are turning to the government for help in repairing and rebuilding. Much of the aid they receive will require taking on debt — an unpleasant surprise to those who may lack the income to pay it back.And as victims of past disasters can attest, that aid may be cumbersome to obtain, insufficient to cover the cost of reconstruction, and take years to fully pay out.Government officials emphasize that the federal programs are meant to supplement, not replace, insurance and other financial buffers against catastrophe […]

Photos of Peaceful Charlottesville Vigil: ‘Our Home, Not Their Home’

AdvertisementU.S.CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — Thousands of people gathered on the University of Virginia campus here Wednesday night in the glow of candlelight, striking a peaceful contrast to the torches wielded by white supremacists on Friday.Marchers — many of them college students — sang hymns, gospel songs and other anthems of belonging, including “This Land Is Your Land,” “Lean on Me” and “This Little Light of Mine.”The vigil was largely organized by word of mouth, and its leaders strove to keep the plans off social media. The result was a warm gathering that provided some small measure of relief to a college town left in turmoil by the weekend’s events, in which a rally on Saturday organized by white nationalists devolved into a series of street fights and ended in the death of a local woman.“We’re standing in solidarity,” said Karunya Iyappan, a second-year student. “This is already our home, not their home […]

Who Were the Counterprotesters in Charlottesville?

PhotoA group of counterprotesters who identified themselves as antifa, or anti-fascists, rested during a rally of white nationalists in Charlottesville, Va., on Saturday.Credit Edu Bayer for The New York TimesThe white nationalist demonstrations that led to violence in Charlottesville, Va., last weekend focused attention not just on the far-right groups that organized the rally but also on the professed anti-fascist groups and individuals who staged counterprotests. […]

Trump Loyalist Mixes Businesses and Access at ‘Advisory’ Firm

Besides Mr. […]

The Cost of a Hot Economy in California: A Severe Housing Crisis

Now here in Sacramento, lawmakers are considering extraordinary legislation to, in effect, crack down on communities that have, in their view, systematically delayed or derailed housing construction proposals, often at the behest of local neighborhood groups. The bill was passed by the Senate last month and could be acted on as soon as this week.Continue reading the main story“The explosive costs of housing have spread like wildfire around the state,” said Scott Wiener, a Democratic senator from San Francisco who sponsored the bill. “This is no longer a coastal, elite housing problem […]

Daring the Pilot – Jeannie Moon

Daring the Pilot Jeannie Moon Genre: Contemporary Publish Date: April 4, 2017 Publisher: Tule Publishing Seller: Tule Publishing Group, LLC Keely Andersen hasn’t visited her hometown more than a handful of times in the last ten years, but when her doctoral research sends her back to Marietta for the immediate future, she can’t wait to reconnect with the community and the mountains she missed so much. Of course, nothing goes as planned, and Keely’s truck breaks down a few miles outside of town. When help arrives, she finds herself face to face with her brother’s best friend – the guy she used to call big, bad and gorgeous – Jonah Clark. Still settling back into Marietta after a harrowing stint as an army helicopter pilot, Jonah Clark plans to spend a few days hiking the local mountains to prepare for his job as a pilot for Crawford County’s Search and Rescue team. When he stops to help a stranded driver, Jonah is shocked to find his best friend’s younger sister is the one behind the wheel. Only now, instead of the geeky teen he remembered, Keely is all grown up with curves he can’t resist. Though the sparks of attraction ignite immediately, they're hesitant to act because of their shared past. But when a project dear to their hearts is threatened, and a boy is lost on Copper Mountain, Keely and Jonah drop everything to fight for what matters, including each other. […]

Community Choice Energy Will Help San Jose Chart A More Sustainable Future

All too often, calls for environmental sustainability resemble a doctor’s prescription, urging that we indulge less, sweat more, and take bad-tasting medicine. Fortunately, life sometimes gives us happier options. On May 16, the San Jose City Council voted to establish a Community Choice Energy (CCE) program, which will enable our residents and businesses to choose the source of their electricity. By becoming the largest U.S. city to do so, we will save consumers money, boost our renewable energy supply, and invest in energy efficiency projects. For decades, San Jose consumers have purchased their electricity from an investor-owned utility, Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E). CCE programs offer our residents a choice, by providing an alternative source of wholesale energy purchases, while PG&E continues distributing the electricity through its own power lines, and handling all billing. Residents can then choose to purchase their electricity from the local CCE, or “opt out” to PG&E, after comparing rates, environmental benefits, rebates, and other criteria. […]