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The XYT is a modular, customizable electric car comprised of just 580 parts

It’s small, it’s simple, and it’s designed to be customized to fit the needs of the owner, and modified or upgraded over its life. […]

Plant your loved one in this egg and turn them into a tree after death

The Capsula Mundi burial urn is finally available for purchase. […]

Spidery hand-cut forest silhouettes cover this salvaged delivery van

Nature appears to be ‘reclaiming’ this old vehicle out in the forest. […]

Next-gen bike tires won’t go flat, because they’ll be airless

Bridgestone’s “Air Free Concept” tires may represent the future of bicycle tires. Or not. […]

Lauren Singer talks about her new zero-waste store, Package Free

In an exclusive interview with TreeHugger, the waste-free lifestyle pro explains what’s gone into creating this unique shop. […]

There’s no reason a self-driving car should look like a car, and this Volkswagen doesn’t.

Meet Sedric the entertainer, a living room on wheels. […]

A new model of climate change for the anthropocene epoch

A group of scientists argues our current climate change models get it wrong. Tracking “Carbon” only tells half the story. […]