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After a Dozen Hurricanes and 40 Years, Familiar Dangers With Higher Stakes

Years ago, banks and other businesses gave customers paper hurricane maps so that they could plot the latitude and longitude of developing storms. Now nearly everyone is glued to their phones and computers, watching projected storm tracks play out in real time.Still, many things have remained the same: Hurricanes often confound the forecasters. They don’t totally surprise anymore, but they drift past expected targets and, worst of all, they sometimes quickly become much stronger than expected. […]

How to Help the Victims of Hurricane Irma

GlobalGiving’s Irma Relief Fund is accepting donations here. It vets the local organizations it helps fund and is well-regarded by charity watchdogs. (GlobalGiving prioritizes local organizations over the long term, but often steers money toward larger entities like Save the Children or the International Medical Corps during the early days of disaster response.)PhotoPeople in Guadeloupe donated food for the French Caribbean islands of St. Martin and St. Barthélemy.Credit Helene Valenzuela/Agence France-Presse — Getty ImagesDonors can also visit the crowdsourcing website GoFundMe to give money to the Direct Impact Fund, a nonprofit that distributes money to smaller campaigns within the United States and its territories.GoFundMe also hosts individual crowdfunding campaigns for people and organizations […]

Hopes Fade After Landslide Destroys Chinese Village

A family of three escaped the worst of the disaster after an infant in the home woke up crying shortly before the landslide hit. The child’s father, Qiao Dashuai, said he got up to comfort the infant and realized there was a landslide coming down. “He pulled up his wife, carried the child, and as they were running, they were tossed around by a massive roar of air, became caught in the mud and rocks and then fought their way out of danger,” China Central Television news reported, citing Mr […]

Three years after Haiyan

On November 8, 2013, typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines, resulting in unprecedented devastation in the country’s history. As the strongest storm on record to make landfall, its impacts went beyond the 6300 confirmed deaths and more than USD 2 billion worth of destroyed properties it caused. Never before has an entire nation witnessed winds, rainfall, and storm surges as extreme as seen with Haiyan. Reports of typhoon victims resorting to looting and other violent acts unveiled the desperation people will resort to for their survival in a chaotic, post-disaster environment. It also revealed the lack of a coordinated, efficient response from the national and local governments, which further slowed down the recovery process that still continues to this day. This disaster occurred at a time when global temperatures has increased by 0.78°C relative to pre-industrial levels, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). With the currently implemented climate mitigation mechanisms to stabilize atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations still decades from now, global warming is projected to worsen in the near future. According to a study published in the journal Earth System Dynamics, a temperature rise of 1.5 or 2 degree Celsius will install a more extreme, unpredictable climate system […]

Rosemary’s Gravy – Melissa F. Miller

Rosemary’s Gravy Melissa F. Miller Genre: Women Sleuths Publish Date: May 12, 2015 Publisher: Brown Street Books Seller: Melissa Furrer Miller Rosemary Field never planned on working as a private, holistic chef for a demanding vegan actress. But then, plans have a way of going out the window when a girl learns her parents have skipped town, leaving behind a half-million-dollar debt. Rosemary's making the best of her situation, putting up with her boss's diva antics and halfheartedly fending off the advances of the impossibly sexy stepson who comes with the high-paying gig, when someone decides to kill the miserable movie star.  It's bad news for any chef when a client dies from an allergic reaction after eating your cooking. It's even worse news for Rosemary because the police are determined to charge her with murder. To restore her reputation (and stay out of prison), Rosemary has to find the real murderer–and fast. Her short list of suspects includes a womanizing race car driver, a powerful music producer, Hollywood's hottest leading man, and, oh yeah, Felix, the dead woman's stepson–which gets a little awkward when Rosemary starts dating him. Unfortunately, everything Rosemary thought she knew is wrong–dead wrong. After a romantic dinner with Felix ends in food poisoning, she finds herself unattached, unemployed, and once again on the wrong side of the LAPD. She knows how to salvage an oversalted sauce, but can she salvage the disaster that is her life? And will the hunky homicide detective help her–or book her? ROSEMARY'S GRAVY is the first book in the We Sisters Three series, the new romantic comedic mystery series from Melissa F. Miller, the USA TODAY Bestselling Author of the Sasha McCandless legal thriller series and the Aroostine Higgins legal thriller series.  […]

Cat pulled from rubble 16 days after Italy earthquake (video)

Amongst all the wreckage, the rescue of a tenacious house cat brings a glint of light to the tragedy. […]

Atlantic hurricane season expected to be strongest since 2012

As we head into peak hurricane season, NOAA updates the forecast to a 70% chance of 12 to 17 named storms. […]