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How to Decide Where to Donate Your Money After Disasters

But there are ways to guide your thinking, she and others said. Here are a few things to consider as you decide how best to help victims of natural disasters.Identify your values before donatingWhen considering how to give, it’s helpful to start by asking what motivates you.“You pick the issue with your heart and you pick the organization with your head,” said Jacob Harold, the chief executive of GuideStar, a nonprofit that publishes information about charities in an effort to promote transparency.People with ties to a region may want to give locally. […]

Still More Victims in Mexico’s Quakes: Legions of Displaced


Originally posted here: Still More Victims in Mexico’s Quakes: Legions of Displaced

Mexicans Dig Through Quake Rubble Overnight as Death Toll Passes 200

At the scene of the collapsed school, Colegio Enrique Rebsamen, in the southern part of the capital, the mood was one of anguish, as hundreds of volunteers clamored to unearth children they hoped to find alive. Dozens of workers carting megaphones called out contradictory instructions, while others yelled for resources like batteries, flashlights and diesel fuel. The epicenters of Tuesday’s earthquake and a larger one on Sept. 7 were more than 400 miles apart, but they both occurred in a region where one of the earth’s crustal plates, the Cocos, is sliding beneath another, the North American. Paul Earle, a seismologist with the United States Geological Survey, said it was too early to say whether there was any connection between the two quakes. Although the first was much stronger, the one on Tuesday was much closer to Mexico City, causing more damage in the capital. Video Strong Earthquake Strikes Near Mexico City A deadly 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck close to Mexico City. […]

Mexico City Volunteers Venture Out in Force to Aid Quake Victims

Doctors and psychologists waited on call as relatives made their way inside to ask for information. Outside volunteers gathered medicine and water.Mony de Swaan, a resident who was coordinating the center by the light of cellphones, said that as many as seven people remained trapped. With the help of the building’s doorman who had escaped, he had made a list of residents in the seven-story building.A young woman approached the table. “My mother’s name is Mari,” she told Mr. de Swaan. “On the second floor.”Continue reading the main storyHe answered her gently. […]

Mexico Mourns After Quake: ‘We Have No Idea How We Are Going to Rebuild’

“Are my children O.K.?” cried Mr. Peralta, trapped kneeling in the debris, his arms around Esteban.Continue reading the main storyThose would be his last words. Neighbors converged on the house to help Ms. Pérez free the family, but Mr. Peralta died a couple of hours later at the town’s clinic, which operated that night with no electricity.Esteban, who was injured, was taken with his mother to the state capital, Oaxaca, where on Sunday he was operated on for a fractured hip […]

Hopes Fade After Landslide Destroys Chinese Village

A family of three escaped the worst of the disaster after an infant in the home woke up crying shortly before the landslide hit. The child’s father, Qiao Dashuai, said he got up to comfort the infant and realized there was a landslide coming down. “He pulled up his wife, carried the child, and as they were running, they were tossed around by a massive roar of air, became caught in the mud and rocks and then fought their way out of danger,” China Central Television news reported, citing Mr […]

This is what the sonic boom of an earthquake looks & sounds like (Video)

Using computer code, the seismic data of powerful earthquakes are transformed into sound-rich visualizations that may help advance the study of earthquakes further. […]