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New York’s Citibike suffers its first fatality

A 36-year-old man is killed and it is not an accident. […]

Is air conditioning a human right?

Prisoners are dying in Texas and Louisiana prisons from heat stroke. Is this cruel and unusual punishment? […]

Attend The Lawyer Workshop At The National Clinical Conference On Cannabis Therapeutics

Attend The Eighth National Clinical Conference On Cannabis Therapeutics Pre-Conference Lawyer Workshop Oregon cannabis law is confusing. I encourage anyone that wants to learn more to check out the fantastic event listed below: New! This workshop provides education for those representing dispensaries, patients, and healthcare professionals. Panels of lawyers from around the country will discuss […]

Zynga to ring Nasdaq’s opening bell in San Francisco

Zynga’s debut as a publicly traded company will happen the moment CEO Mark Pincus rings the Nasdaq Stock Market’s opening bell in an unusual ceremony Friday morning inside the company’s new Eighth… […]

Environmental Activist Shot in Brazil, Eighth Since May

The struggle between environmentalists and deforesters has once again turned violent in Northern Brazil with the recent killing of an Amazon activist, the eighth to be assassinated in the region since May. Farmer Joao Chupel Primo, an outspoken protester of illegal logging in the rainforest of the Brazilian state of Par?, was shot in the head by two assailants. Although police have yet to identify the motives of those responsible, the murder bears troubling similarities to acts of violence committed against other environmental leaders in recent months…. […]

Edible Insect Food Truck Serves Prehispanic Bug-Based Cuisine (Video)

Fair Companies /Video screen capture Christine already asked whether eating insects is the best way to reduce our foodprint , and even the UN Food and Agriculture Organization suggests that bugs may be the most sustainable form of meat . […]

Scott Amron’s Fruitwash Label Solves Huge Design Problem

Scott Amron /Promo image Someday those clever genetic engineers will design an apple with the bar code bred right into the skin, but until then someone has to tell the checkout person that is is a Mackintosh or an Empire or even that it is an apple. Designer Scott Amron , who never ceases to amaze with his endless progression of crazy ideas like the Keybrid , Brush & Rinse and my alltime … Read the full story on TreeHugger […]