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Many are complaining that "green targets" are to blame for the Grenfell fire. They’re wrong.

It is not an indictment of green building. It is an indictment of plastics, foam and fire safety planning […]

Waste heat from combustion could power 11.4 million U.S. homes a year

A new technology could cheaply convert that waste heat into electricity. […]

ON MNN: More on kitchen exhausts, exploding hoverboards and fire trucks

Why are our cities being designed around the needs of the trucks instead of vice versa? […]

INDEX: Can Wristify work as a personal air conditioner?

Wristify individually regulates body temperatures, “saving loads of money on energy costs.” Really? […]

They have built a fake city to test self-driving cars near Detroit

Don’t they have a real empty city just down the road that could stand in? […]

5 energy-saving ways to avoid needing an electric space heater

Comfort is a lot more complicated than a setting on a thermostat. Here are some other ways to get comfortable. […]

Students Are Now Competing Across Continents to Reduce the Most Emissions, and Waste, in Their Schools

What began in 2003 in one school as a campus-wide energy conservation competition to raise awareness about energy consumption is now being used as a successful tool for schools and entire districts to meet strict energy savings targets. This year, a record 430 schools worldwide participated in this year’s Green Cup Challenge (GCC), a program managed by the Green Schools Alliance. Photo: The Canterbury School Library served as the Green Cup Challenge HQ. Students created an Info Board where they posted GCC updates. The Green Cup Energy Challenge included 314 schools, making it the largest electricity reduction competition for K-12 schools in the world, and saved 1.5 million pounds of CO2 from entering the atmosphere. From India to Illinois, this gamified program brought together students, faculty and staff from around the globe in a common effort to track their electricity use and make improvements to operations and facilities while also cultivating sustainable behaviors and student engagement. The Green Cup Recycling Challenge boosted school recycling efforts, saved hauling expenses, and increased awareness about resource conservation and consumption. “Students learned that when everyone works together, small, individual actions really can translate into significant, tangible change,” says Peg Watson, president of the Green Schools Alliance. The New York City Department of Education incorporates the program into their strategy to help reduce their own energy use. So much so that they Award $100,000 to the top ten energy-saving DOE schools, because that’s on average how much the school saved the city in one month (25 percent of the municipal energy bill is schools — 1800 of them). […]