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Using hands-free phone while driving is just as dangerous and as a hand-held phone

New Australian study finds that drivers are just as distracted […]

Reindeer antler secrets inspire stronger materials

Although scientists have not yet determined how antlers help reindeer fly, they are finding other useful properties from which we can learn […]

From Dubai to Abu Dhabi in twelve minutes in the BIG/ Hyperloop One "autonomous transportation system"

And we are not dubious at all, really. […]

Engineers in Colorado are tapping beer for energy storage

Brewery waste could be the beginnings of the next advanced battery. […]

We Don’t Need Another Billion People to Solve Climate Change

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the work of Travis Rieder and his colleagues on Population Engineering is getting a lot of airtime. NPR picked it up. Rieder himself has commented on the impact he, somewhat unwittingly, made. We at the Center for Biological Diversity even wrote about it. It’s one of those topics that is as fascinating as it is terrifying […]

Wearable electronics could someday be powered by body heat

A new lightweight thermoelectric generator has been developed at NC State, which may be able to power small health sensors or other small wearable devices. […]

A very late book review: John D. MacDonald’s Condominium

It was written 40 years ago, but reads like this afternoon. […]