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11 outdoor gear companies with great repair or return policies

It’s a sign of quality when companies are willing to stand by the goods they sell. […]

Plants have primitive eyes, how much can they see?

Evidence grows that plants receive visual clues to their surroundings […]

When it comes to Montreal’s "ugly" Christmas tree, we’re TreeHuggers.

Because it is really a Solstice Tree, and it is all about life in a harsh climate. […]

Denver Passes Social Cannabis Consumption Ordinance

As we all know by now, the election last week was a big win for legal weed. With all of the states in the U.S. passing their medical or recreational ballot measures except for one, it is clear that this movement is going in a forward direction. One particular ballot initiative that I feel is very The post Denver Passes Social Cannabis Consumption Ordinance appeared first on The Weed Blog. […]

Christians, Creation and Environmental Concerns

Christians have often been disparaged for their lack of involvement in and concern for environmental issues, and that criticism has sometimes been valid. In an article at Bible.org, Ray Bohlin, who holds a Ph.D. in molecular and cell biology, suggests reasons for this inattention to creation: there are other urgent matters that occupy Christians’ attention; environmental concerns have often been promoted as a “liberal issue”; environmentalism has sometimes been conflated with New Age philosophies, achieving an almost religious status. Bohlin, however, goes on to say that Christians “have a sacred responsibility to the earth and the creatures within it,” and he’s right. According to the Book of Genesis, humans were given dominion over the earth. That does not mean God gave humans the right to exploit the earth but the responsibility to superintend it. As the psalmist reminded people, “The earth is the LORD’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it.” Humans are creation’s caretakers, not its owners. Humanity’s wellbeing has been linked by God to the wellbeing of creation. St. Paul makes this particularly clear in his famous letter to the Romans. […]

In 1870 on the Lower East Side, you could hang out in Scheider’s bar.

People worked from home and needed a place to go then, just like they do now today. […]

What is selective breeding?

One of the earliest forms of biotechnology is responsible for many of the plants and animals that we know today. […]