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Filmmaker Rob Stewart fought to protect sharks, and now we must continue his work

Lush Cosmetics and Humane Society International support the important ocean conservation work pioneered by 37-year-old creator of ‘Sharkwater’ who died suddenly this past January. […]

Citizen Jane: Does the new film get it right?

A great introduction to a writer who changed the planning world […]

Retrofitted yacht uses off-the-shelf solar & wind products to power its educational journey to Cuba

Vittoria Energy Expedition is sailing from DC to Cuba, visiting communities along the way where renewable energy is making a difference. […]

Patagonia urges U.S. government to protect Arctic Refuge from oil drilling

The Gwich’in people have been fighting this battle for decades, and now they need broader public support. Learn how you can help. […]

New Non-Graphic Video Shows Heartbreaking Truth About Dairy

I had the privilege of working with filmmaker Kelly Guerin and Photographer/Investigator Jo-Anne McArthur on a short film about the dairy industry. It’s funny that so many of us grow up drinking milk without connecting the dots that it’s actually a cow’s breastmilk intended for her newborn. And have you ever really considered what veal parmesan is? Here’s what I said in the film: I’m a mother. Twice I’ve endured the challenges of pregnancy, labour, and birth. My slippery, sweet-smelling babies were gently put into my arms, to my breast, and there they stayed. The love of motherhood is an aching, sobering, anxious love. Our worst fear is to lose a child; even the sound of our child crying can send us to despair. We inflict this nightmare onto cows again and again. […]

Just what we needed Dept: A smart recycling bin

Because it is so hard to tell plastic from cardboard. […]

Trees can form bonds like an old couple and look after each other

A forester and scientist have been studying communication between trees for decades; their incredible observations can be seen in the new documentary, ‘Intelligent Trees.’ […]