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Ten Fold Engineering thinks outside the box

Why move a lot of air when you can have a building unfold and grow into anything you want? […]

New Report Claims Nearly 69% of Marijuana Consumers Are Men

Newly released data from Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform Headset has found that nearly 69% of marijuana consumers are men, while just 31.1% are women, Forbes reported Monday. The same data set also found that the largest percentage of recreational consumers, 20.39%, are between the ages of 25 and 29. Cannabis consumers between the ages of […]

Marijuana ‘Open Container’ Law Is Now In Effect In Washington State

Washington State has a new ‘open container’ law directed at marijuana. Washington already had an open container law for alcohol, and now the same theory applies to marijuana. If you have marijuana in your car, it better be in an unopened container from a licensed store, otherwise you get fined. Per King 5: Washington State […]

Marijuana: America’s Fastest Growing Industry

The marijuana industry is taking America by storm, and this is only the tip of the iceberg. By the end of 2016, as many as 20 states could have legalized marijuana. Those reforms will create numerous business opportunities for entrepreneurs. Below is a video of investors gathering at the ArcView Group’s “Arc Tank” event in […]

Tommy Chong Wants To Take Over The Marijuana Industry

There is a lot of talk about branding in the marijuana industry. There are people that want to re-brand the marijuana industry to ‘weed out the stoners.’ There are people that want to use the names of deceased marijuana icons to promote their products and strains. It appears now that one of the biggest names […]

Distracted driving has a solution, but will we embrace it?

Man #1 didn’t make it to a meeting, killed by a distracted driver. Man #2, whose meeting was cancelled, vowed to end distracted driving. What he invented is called Groove. […]

Just what we needed Dept: The 3D printed gun

And the inventor says it’s all “about liberty.” […]