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  • EnCambio - Estanislao Bachrach November 25, 2017
    EnCambio te va a permitir alumbrar los procesos por los cuales te comportás de determinada manera con el fin de dejar atrás aquellos hábitos y conductas que ya no te sirven. El objetivo es que aprendas del potencial que tiene tu cerebro para cambiar y la capacidad que tenés vos para modificarlo. Este año cambio de trabajo, empiezo el gimnasio, bajo esos kili […]
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  • La teoría del todo - Stephen W. Hawking November 25, 2017
    Una manera clara y amena de acercarse a los misterios del universo. En esta esclarecedora obra, el gran físico británico Stephen Hawking nos ofrece una historia del universo, del big bang a los agujeros negros. En siete pasos, Hawking logra explicar la historia del universo, desde las primeras teorías del mundo griego y de la época medieval hasta las más com […]
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  • La física del futuro - Michio Kaku November 25, 2017
    Un recorrido asombroso a través de los próximos cien años de revolución científica. El futuro ya se está inventando en los laboratorios de los científicos más punteros de todo el mundo. Con toda probabilidad, en 2100 controlaremos los ordenadores a través de diminutos sensores cerebrales y podremos mover objetos con el poder de nuestras mentes, la inteligenc […]
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  • Física General Esencial - Agustín Vázquez Sánchez November 25, 2017
    La nueva edición del ebook contiene ahora ocho temas completos de física y una sección de prácticas para realizar en casa. Se han corregido errores y agregado más ejemplos y ejercicios además de recursos multimedia en todos los capítulos.  Los ejemplos resueltos se presentan paso a paso a través de una solución algebraica con lo cual se evitan errores n […]
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  • Ágilmente - Estanislao Bachrach November 25, 2017
    Bachrach es Doctor en biología molecular y explica el funcionamiento del cerebro. A través de ello, da consejos y herramientas para ser más creativos y felices en el trabajo y en la vida. La neurociencia es clara: el cerebro aprende hasta el último día de vida. La creatividad puede expandirse. Tu mente, mediante la aplicación de las técnicas correctas, puede […]
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  • Tricks Any Dog Can Do! - Susan Day November 25, 2017
    This great book comes with advice and guidance as to the best way to teach these tricks. It offers more than one method which the reader can choose depending upon their own situation. There is also advice to using treats and shows you how to not end up with a treat junkie! This books is from the desk of Susan Day, a canine behaviourist. Susan teaches obedien […]
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  • Breve historia de mi vida - Stephen Hawking November 25, 2017
    La mente maravillosa de Stephen Hawking ha deslumbrado al mundo entero revelando los misterios del universo. Ahora, por primera vez, el cosmólogo más brillante de nuestra era explora, con una mirada reveladora, su propia vida y evolución intelectual. Breve historia de mi vida cuenta el sorprendente viaje de Stephen Hawking desde su niñez […]
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  • El cisne negro. Nueva edición ampliada y revisada - Nassim Nicholas Taleb November 25, 2017
    ¿Qué es un cisne negro? Para empezar, es un suceso improbable, sus consecuencias son importantes y todas las explicaciones que se puedan ofrecer a posteriori no tienen en cuenta el azar y sólo buscan encajar lo imprevisible en un modelo perfecto. El éxito de Google y You Tube, y hasta ell 11-S, son “cisnes negros”. Para Nassim Nicholas Taleb, los cisnes negr […]
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  • Sobre la teoría de la relatividad especial y general - Albert Einstein November 25, 2017
    Entre el Electromagnetismo y la Mecánica newtoniana existe una fórmula de bisagra: la teoría de la relatividad especial y general. La importancia del nuevo marco planteado por Albert Einstein se entiende por lo siguiente: la percepción del tiempo y el espacio es relativa al observador. ¿Qué significa esto? Si usted viaja a una velocidad mayor que la de la lu […]
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  • Introducción a la Ciencia - Isaac Asimov November 25, 2017
    Introducción a la ciencia es un libro publicado en dos volúmenes donde Asimov hace un extenso relato de los descubrimientos científicos en todos los campos de la ciencia.La lectura de él es fácil y los temas son relatados brillantemente comenzando desde los primeros conocimientos sobre el tema (generalmente desde los griegos o antes, o en algunos casos en lo […]
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Trump to Monitor Hurricane as His Cabinet Descends on Camp David

PhotoPresident Trump with the first lady, Melania Trump, on their way to Camp David on Friday.Credit Al Drago for The New York TimesWASHINGTON — President Trump will monitor the impact of Hurricane Irma from the presidential retreat at Camp David on Saturday, officials said, as he holds the fourth full cabinet meeting of his presidency to discuss how to advance his administration’s priorities during the balance of his first year in office.Aides said Mr. Trump would receive hurricane briefings throughout the day as the powerful storm marches toward the southern tip of Florida, forcing millions of residents to flee the impending surge of water and brutally strong winds.“With gratitude for our first responders, and prayers for those in the storm’s path, America stands united — and I mean totally united,” Mr. Trump said in his weekly address, which was released Friday evening.Administration officials expressed confidence on Friday that the Federal Emergency Management Agency had the resources to respond to Hurricane Irma even as it continues to deal with the aftermath of the flooding in Texas and Louisiana from Hurricane Harvey.“I’m pretty comfortable in our ability and our capacity as leaders, but also as institutions to handle the various different things that come our way,” said Thomas P. Bossert, the president’s Homeland Security adviser.In his address, Mr. Trump pledged that “we will endure and come back stronger than ever before.” But in a tweet later Friday night, Mr. Trump raised concerns with a longstanding policy that prevents FEMA from providing grants to houses of worship that are damaged by hurricanes and other natural disasters.Three Texas churches that were damaged by Hurricane Harvey filed a lawsuit this past week arguing that the policy violates their constitutional right to freely exercise their religion. FEMA’s position for years has been that the constitutional separation of church and state prevents the use of federal money to build religious institutions.White House officials said the president had invited all of the members of his cabinet, and their spouses, to Camp David for the weekend.Among the agenda items for the cabinet meeting, officials said, is a discussion of Mr. Trump’s legislative agenda, including a push for an overhaul of the nation’s tax code, new investments in infrastructure, and his call for Congress to extend protections for the young undocumented immigrants known as “Dreamers.”“The goal is that Congress makes a permanent fix and that Congress actually does their job, and that we have responsible immigration reform that takes place over these six months,” Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House press secretary, said on Friday.Continue reading the main story […]

Where There’s Smoke, There’s a Conspiracy Theory at a Russian Consulate

The smoke was first spotted around noon on Friday. Neighbors called the Fire Department.“We responded as if it were a fire,” said a Fire Department spokeswoman, Mindy Talmadge. “When we got to the consulate, we confirmed that it was coming from the chimney.”With a layer of smoke haze covering the bay from wildfires in Northern California, Friday had been declared a “Spare the Air Day,” when residents are urged to cut back on activities that cause pollution. As images of the consulate smoke circulated on social media, the Bay Area Air District tweeted that it was taking action.“I have no idea what they are burning,” said Lisa Fasano, a spokeswoman for the air district, which enforces and regulates air quality in the nine-county region. “But we are having poor air quality out here right now. We need to do everything we can to protect our air.”Ms. Fasano said the inspector patrolled the neighborhood and took pictures […]

Trump Again Lashes Out at Comey’s Handling of Clinton Investigation

PhotoPresident Trump arrived on the South Lawn of the White House on Wednesday. Mr. Trump complained on Twitter of “a rigged system,” returning to his grudge against James B. Comey.Credit Al Drago for The New York TimesWASHINGTON — President Trump on Friday lashed out anew at the F.B.I. director he fired in May, charging that James B. Comey had “exonerated” Hillary Clinton before fully completing the investigation into her use of a private email server.In an early morning tweet that appeared to seize on a statement from two members of the Senate Judiciary Committee about Mr. Comey’s handling of the inquiry, Mr. Trump complained of “a rigged system,” returning to his grudge against the former F.B.I. chief.While the president had initially cited Mr […]

Bob Corker, Often an Ally of Trump, Is Latest Republican to Be Attacked by Him

By contrast, the president has singled out few Democrats, saving his criticism for their leadership.“You can’t make sense of it from any normal political perspective,” said Whit Ayres, a Republican pollster. “The effect is going to be to have congressional Republicans take off on their own and accomplish as much as they can.”Brian Walsh, a former adviser to the National Republican Senatorial Committee, said that Mr. Trump’s attacks on his own party were “shortsighted and self-destructive,” but that “unfortunately, he shows no sign of letting up.”“The president’s governing philosophy appears to be ‘if it feels good, do it,’ but when he attacks his Republican allies he’s not only helping Senate Democrats, but he’s hurting his ability to get his agenda through Congress,” Mr. Walsh said.At her briefing on Friday, Ms. Sanders was asked how the president would advance legislation with a slim Republican majority when he attacked his own party. She shifted the blame to Congress, saying: “I think it’s clear that the end game is for Congress to do its job and actually pass legislation. I think the American people are very frustrated with Congress’s lack of action.”Some of Mr. Trump’s closest allies say that he believes he cannot go wrong attacking his own party, having won a presidential race doing just that, or separating himself from an unpopular Congress. […]

Thousands of Texas Inmates Evacuated From Prisons Ahead of Floods

PhotoPrison inmates in Rosharon, Tex., were evacuated by bus on Saturday before expected flooding in the area.Credit Texas Department of Criminal JusticeThousands of inmates were being evacuated on Saturday from three prison facilities in Rosharon, Texas, as the Brazos River there continued to rise under heavy rains from Tropical Storm Harvey.The Texas Department of Criminal Justice said that about 4,500 inmates would be transported from the Ramsey, Terrell and Stringfellow units in Rosharon, which is just south of Houston, to other facilities in East Texas.The prisoners were being transported by bus and accompanied by correctional officers and other staff.“We’re doing everything we can to make sure everybody’s safe while the evacuation process is being carried out,” said Robert Hurst, a public information officer with the criminal justice department.He did not say where the prisoners would be taken, or how long the evacuation process might last.While away from Rosharon, the prisoners will “not be available for visits at the designated receiving units, but will have the ability to use the offender telephone system,” the criminal justice department said.Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas as a Category 4 hurricane on Friday night. It was downgraded to a tropical storm on Saturday, but heavy rains and serious flooding are expected in the state’s southeast.By Friday, the criminal justice department had canceled visitations for at least 29 prisons in the vicinity of the storm’s expected path. “This is something that we prepare for each year. Our command center is operating around the clock and we stand ready,” Bryan Collier, executive director of the department, said in a statement on Facebook.Newsletter Sign UpContinue reading the main storyGet the Morning Briefing by EmailWhat you need to know to start your day, delivered to your inbox Monday through Friday.Thank you for subscribing.An error has occurred. Please try again later.You are already subscribed to this email.View all New York Times newsletters.Evacuations of the three prison facilities began on Saturday morning. By noon, the Brazos River near Rosharon had already risen by at least 15 feet since Friday, according to data from the National Weather Service.The three facilities were also evacuated in May and June of last year, when the same river flooded under heavy rainfall. Prisoners were returned there after a couple of weeks.The three all-male prisons do not house any death row inmates. Public records show that among the inmates are Shawn Allen Berry, one of three men convicted in the racially motivated killing of James Byrd Jr., a black man who was dragged behind a car in 1998; and David Owen Brooks, who was convicted as an accomplice to Dean Corll, the perpetrator of the so-called Houston mass murders of the early 1970s.Continue reading the main story […]

Hero, Villain, TV Sensation: Spicer’s Fame Spread Beyond Washington

With Mr. Spicer in charge, the question of whether a briefing would be on camera or off — once an idiosyncratic concern of Washington insiders — turned into dinner table conversation around the country. On some days, soap operas were pre-empted to carry the White House news briefing live. Even the tabloid outlet TMZ got into the act, posting a grainy video of Mr. Spicer being ambushed by a critic at an Apple store.Mr. Spicer’s relationship with reporters was often strained, starting with his first appearance at the lectern, when he laced into the press corps, falsely accusing it of underestimating the size of Mr. Trump’s inaugural crowd. Though he chafed when reporters challenged him, sometimes for the benefit of a president he knew was watching, he often welcomed them to his office for gossip and, on occasion, soft-serve ice cream.Comedians could hardly believe their luck.“There’s a fount of material; it’s insatiable,” said Matt Negrin, whose obsessive Twitter chronicling of Mr. Spicer helped him land a job at “The Daily Show,” where he produced videos that captured Mr. […]

U.S. Journalist Found Alive in Congo; 5 Others Are Killed

KINSHASA, Congo — Five Congo park rangers have been found dead and an American journalist has been found in good condition in the Okapi Wildlife Reserve after going missing during a militia attack, a local official said Sunday.”The American journalist is safe and healthy. She hid in the forest during an attack,” Mambasa territory administrator Alfred Bongwalanga told The Associated Press. “On the other hand, five park guards have been killed.”Bongwalanga said the army found the American overnight Saturday, and called in her rescue. He did not have her name, saying other details would follow. The identity of the assailants is not known, he said.At least 10 people had gone missing after attacks near a security station Friday outside the town of Mambasa in Congo’s northeast Okapi Wildlife Reserve, but six of them, all Congolese rangers, were later found alive, he said.Continue reading the main story […]